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Who You gonna call? Middle Schoolers!

Feed Drops Podcast, All about Podcast Discovery What did we listen to this week? The Middle School Mindset & Trashwatch are todays podcasts.

Feed Drops Podcast, All about Podcast Discovery What did we listen to this week? The Middle School Mindset & Trashwatch are todays podcasts.

Meet the father and son duo who discuss anything and everything that comes to the mind of a middle schooler on The Middle School Mind podcast.

Every trash movie has a big fan out there somewhere. And this episode digs into a messy, but not a really trashy movie, the original 1984 version of Ghostbusters.

The Shows

The Middle School Mindset – https://themiddleschoolmind.com/
Trashwatch – https://podcastaddict.com/episode/142758734


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Brian: [00:00:00] They opened the fridge and I thought this movie was in the 80s, but I didn’t see any Tab. So how am I supposed to know it’s the 80s? One two.

Hey Lynz, what are you listening to?

Lynz: Brian? You share yours and all share mind

Brian: with millions of podcasts. How do you choose?

Lynz: We are here to help you find that next bingeable

Brian: podcast or that piece of content you’ll follow regularly. You’re listening to feed drops and I’m over here watching. Dance

Lynz: I’m over here, recording myself for TikTok, making at TikTok, making a TikTok.

Welcome to feed drops, everybody. This is what we’re here to do today. We’re here too, babble a little bit and then share some podcasts with you

Brian: that we are. And I think we’ve got two totally opposite spectrum shows for you. However, I I’m excited about what I brought to the table today, as I’m sure you are Lynn.

And, uh, I have your show queued up first. So why don’t you

Lynz: go for it? All right. The show that I brought is called trash watch, and I think we can, you know, take a quick second. What do you think that show is?

Brian: I think it’s about a group of people who go down to the beach and pick up

Lynz: rubbish. I think it’s about the group of people that are watching them pick up rubbish.

Brian: Oh yeah. The Watchers of the Watchers,

Lynz: the Watchers, the watch, the Watchers of the doers, the Watchers

Brian: of the doers.

All right, real quick. Before we get into this, if you’re new to the show, my name is Brian. I run stitch radio here in Irvine, California. My great friend, Lynn Flo over there runs. Network of podcasts in Los Angeles, and we have banded together to bring you feed drops and what the show is. Us sharing two shows that have been submitted with [00:02:00] you in hopes you’ll find some new shows to subscribe, to, and support.

So if you do like any of these shows and you do start following and be sure to let them know you heard about them on feed drops, we would greatly appreciate that.

Lynz: Yes. And, um, so you heard about what the show I’m bringing or you heard what we thought it might be about Brian? What show are you bringing to the table today?

Brian: You know, A show was submitted and it’s a father and son duo, and they are talking about things. A father and son should be talking about in my opinion, guiding him through life as a middle schooler. So,

Lynz: woo. That’s a tough

Brian: time. It is a tough time, but you know what? They obviously have a very open relationship.

Um, not in the clips I’m sharing today, but there were discussions of drug use and, and they, they just have a really cool relationship. A little bit jealous if I do say so myself, but B just what a cool example, and to utilize podcasting, to share that example, thumbs.

Lynz: Awesome. I really can’t wait to hear that.

Um, so let, we’re gonna take a quick break and then we’ll dive into these shows.

All right. We are back today and we’re kicking into gear first with trash watch. And, um, despite our speculation earlier, I wanna say trash watch is a, you know, three guys and a girl, uh, talking about movies, you know? And, I get the sense that they probably started with some trashy movies or movies that they felt they had guilty pleasures about, but the one they picked for this episode or from the episode that I picked is Ghostbusters, which is not trashy in the least iconic.

Yeah. It’s an iconic movie. And so if, uh, [00:04:00] you are interested in hearing this discussion or any kind of talk about, uh, Ghostbusters and you haven’t seen it, or maybe haven’t seen it lately, put it on your list. Great movie. and then after you watch it trash, watch it. I feel like the episode is about the length of the movie.

It’s a pretty long episode and they go into a detailed rundown from beginning to end. And so if you wanna know all of the behind-the-scenes and maybe stuff that came out in the news later like this is a great way to. Add to your experience of going back and watching Ghostbusters. We’re talking about the 1984 Ghostbusters, uh, the first.

when was the last time you watched Ghostbusters Brian

Brian: dude, long time, man, I would have to off the top of my head says sometime in the nineties. I remember rewatching it.

Lynz: Yeah. I growing up, uh, we had a VHS copy. Of that my dad had taped off of HBO. And [00:05:00] so in my head, it has that eighties, HBO intro, which is ironic.

Um, and so the fact that the actual movie doesn’t have that is kind of strange for me because in that’s sort of my frame, but, um, it’s been indefinite. I mean, I would say I’m guessing in 2009, 2010 was the last time I had it. So over a decade. Wow. And, uh, yeah, I definitely want to go back and re-watch. Uh, but let’s hear some clips from the trash watch.

And, um, I think what I love about this show is they really, you know, they they’re, uh, they’re seeing right through all the shenanigans of, uh, the bill Murray character and calling it right out.


Trashwatch 1: love that we just jumped to Dana’s apartment and she hits the nail on the head instantly with this man to be like, you don’t really seem like a scientist.

Yeah. You really are. She’s just a game show host. And he is a game show host. Also, I love how [00:06:00] this scene starts because it opens, she’s like very cautiously, like moving the door open, like peeking her head in, and then it just suddenly bursts open. And Bill Murray walks in. Please let me, like, it’s just one time where

Brian: he’s

Trashwatch 1: willing to go first.

Like, well, and I quote, if anything’s going to happen, I want it to happen to me first.

Brian: Also, I just wanna say if, uh, there had been a, another dimension in her fridge, he would’ve knocked her to the ground and run out the door.

Lynz: Well, they called it out pretty well. You know that, uh, bill Murray, he’s a hilarious slim ball in that movie.

And, uh,

Brian: It’s it’s interesting hearing them talk about details. I don’t remember. And it makes me wanna go back and watch the movie.

Lynz: So mm-hmm, , that’s how I felt when I was picking out the quotes, I was like, oh, this is actually, this would make me go back and enjoy the movie more for knowing this other stuff, you know?

Brian: And we would watch it in a different way. Mm-hmm

Lynz: cause you’d be like, oh, when’s the bill Murray thing where he does that, where he does that thing. Yeah. well, cool. And it, you. We’re in the eighties, movie territory. And, um, you know, we love the movies from the eighties, but also eighties movies are definitely having a resurgence.

And so, um, this next clip kind of pays tribute to that. I

Trashwatch 1: love that he makes fun of her food choices. I love that. He’s like you eat junk food, but no, you’re so pretty. Like like, how can you eat baloney and hearts Sal allow me from Oscar. They open,

Brian: they opened the fridge and I thought this movie was in the eighties, but I didn’t see any tabs.

So how am I supposed to know? It’s the eighties for drew that’s. What’s so nice about watching a film that was filmed in the eighties versus an eighties period piece mm-hmm where they’re not like cramming the eighties down ours.

Lynz: Yeah. You know, it’s, there’s been a lot of stuff lately where it’s like the eighties upon eighties, upon eighties and you know, the first couple minutes is fun, but I fatigue on it pretty fast.

Brian: You know, it’s hard for me to go back and watch older movies, just because the quality, the quality of special effects, the,

Lynz: you know, hazing, honestly, it’s [00:08:00] often like stuff that we would now do in about 30 seconds. They take three minutes to develop.

Brian: Yeah. But, um, it’s funny TV sitcoms. I don’t have that issue.

You know, I went back, I finally found the old TV showing the rap. And went back and started watching some of the episodes of it. And, uh, yeah, the special effects are crap. And, but I mean, it was state of the art back then, but it’s, it’s weird. Pulp fiction is the only movie that I can, I can watch any day of the week.

Anytime that it’s hard for me to pass it. If I happen to stumble upon pub fiction

Lynz: mm-hmm yeah. I have a friend who won’t watch anything. You know, before 1980, he’s just like, it all just feels like I’m, it’s like I’m doing homework. like, I’m on an assignment to watch this whole thing, but you know, some people love, I have a lot of friends who just love movies.

Yeah. And they’ll just, they’ll sit down for anything [00:09:00] if it takes them on, on a ride.

Brian: Yeah. I, that’s a, that’s an interesting pull. It makes me want to go check their show out and see what other movies they’ve

Lynz: covered. Yeah. I can see, um, you know, they obviously. they go, they go deep, you know? And, um, that makes, if they talk about a movie, you like, that would probably be a fun episode.

Yeah. You know? Yeah. And if you are listening on fountain, The fountain app. And you want a show where you can just stream SATs for a super long time? This is the show. It’s a really long show. And, um, so you kind of get some sat out of it and you kinda, it makes it feel like you get two birds, one stone.

Brian: Yeah. You’re definitely gonna earn over a hundred sat, listening to an episode.

Lynz: Oh man. It’s uh, that, and then you can tip ’em back. You can boost this show, boost other shows, boost our

Brian: show. We hope you’re listening to this show on fountain. You know, I, I actually migrate. All the podcasts that I regularly listen to over the fountain.

It’s like if they’re [00:10:00] gonna pay me, even though it’s a micropayment in Bitcoin, at least I know they want me as a consumer, unlike some other apps out there.

Lynz: Yeah. Some things you gotta

Brian: pay for some things you do well before we dive into my show, we’re gonna take another quick. All right. Thanks for listening.

And again, this is feed drops. The show I have brought forth today is called the middle school mindset. And I wanna read just a short little piece of their bio this summer. We want to show tweens how easy it is to make your own podcast for kids. The middle school mindset is launching a three-episode series to guide you step by step to create your own tween podcast.

Now we’re listening to episode number one of a three-part series, but [00:11:00] I think they did a really good job at explaining how easy it can be. To start a podcast. However, some of the products that they talk about, I don’t really get behind. I’m not here to talk crap about anybody or anything, but, um, if you’re going to listen to this three-part series to figure out how to podcast, um, explore options before you dive into anyone.

Lynz: Yeah. If it’s your entry point, it can be a starting point. Um, but then you may wanna continue your research and refine. I think anytime you’re doing podcasting, it’s like, you know if you know why you’re doing it, it makes it pretty easy to make some decisions about different. Service providers and vendors and choices like that.

Brian: Definitely. And, you know, I recommend service providers beyond those that I’m using because I’ve used them in the past, or I know they’re trusted and well respected in the industry. Um, so it’s not my way or the highway by any means. And these are the choices [00:12:00] they’ve made to do their show. And you gotta respect that.

At least they’re. mm-hmm

Lynz: and I just wanna say that this concept of, uh, a father and son, a middle schooler, it warms my cold dead heart, you know? And, uh, I think that, um, especially, you know, when we start to hear them talk together that uh, there’s, it’s real, real sweet. Yeah,

Brian: it really is. And on that note here is clip one.

middle school mind: So you come up with the ideas. But what do we do? Like before we record, what do we do? Just so we’re not like we make like

Brian: a small outline, like a Google doc. And like, we make an outline. Like we always have a game, so we like always do a try. We try to, yeah, we try and we always have like a few bullet points based on what we do.

And then we improv the rest.

middle school mind: Yeah. I mean, it’s like

Lynz: a high-level talking point, right?

Brian: So they’re obviously discussing, planning an episode there. I give them kudos about because I’ve worked with some people who don’t [00:13:00] even do that. So it’s awesome to see that they’re covering some of the basics.

Lynz: Yeah. And, um, You can, you can hear the father’s son dynamic, you know, um, there’s it’s like we always have a game.

I mean, we try to, you know, I don’t know. it’s just, you’re like, oh, that’s so funny. Anyway,

Brian: earlier on in the episode, he originally wanted a YouTube channel and his parents are like, oh, we don’t want you to put yourself out there like that. And it became a running joke that he had a face for radio. So podcasting was their option.

And just to hear them talk about it, that was hilarious. It really was.

Lynz: Yeah, no. I mean, and I think any family, um, that is, uh, that wants a project to do together, like it can only help your communication. You sort of have to iron some stuff out and you know, that, that seems like a great way to use, you know, time

Brian: and,

Utilizing the tools they encourage you to utilize in these three parts. Um, it is very inexpensive. Number one, number two, but. Great learning lessons. This father is walking his son through episode after episode of planning and thinking about what’s coming ahead and promoting what we’ve done. And I mean, those are life lessons these days, um, in, in today’s work environment.

So beyond just the podcast, They’re instilling such valuable lessons, in my opinion.

Lynz: And they’re creating, you know, shared memories and, um, putting stuff out there that, uh, they can then reference back to, to remember this relationship they have, you know, like that’s like. A that’s a cool added layer.

Brian: Yeah. I mean, how special would it be for me to have recordings of my father’s voice?

You know, just, that would be cool. That would be cool. All right. We’re gonna [00:15:00] jump into clip number.

middle school mind: if you enjoy listening to the middle school, mind podcast for kids, and you’ve wondered how to easy it is to make your own kids podcast. We’re here to help make your own podcast is easy, fun, and does not cost a lot to start.

We’re here to show you step by step, how we make the middle school mind podcast in hopes that you’ll start your very own podcast. And summer is the perfect time to start. To get started. You’re gonna need the help of a parent or responsible

Lynz: adult

Brian: Responsible

Lynz: adult. Oh, we’d better. Go back to the drawing board.

Brian: I really wanted to encourage this. This was towards the end of the show and it’s a monologue that was read, but they have PDF downloads for you. If you. Are thinking about starting a show, check them out, download the tools that they’ve worked hard to create for you and, you know, give it a go. And if you know, you have questions, you know, hit us up.

We’re on social media. [00:16:00] We’ll, we’ll spend a little bit of time with you to help you get your passion project off the ground. Yeah.

Lynz: A hundred percent. I love that idea cause cuz really, and you know, they’re sort of speaking to it is it’s this is. Community, you know, I mean, they’re building a connection sort of in their house, but also outside of their house with other people doing things.

And that’s the way we work too. Right. And so, um, it’s much better to kind of work through things with the community and with people around you and build that kind of that web of Goodwill and, uh, support.

Brian: And we are super stoked because they have opted into the feed drops community. We will soon be dropping an NFT with their cover art on it.

And, uh, you might be able to interact with them on the feed drops, drops community.

Lynz: Yeah, we have, uh, we’ve started working with uncut.fm and we’ve been [00:17:00] developing some NFTs for this community and basically. Each show that we do, there’s an NFT being made. And anytime you buy any of these NFTs, or even the ones where if we have something available, that’s free, they all get you into the drop star community.

So you can participate and share with other podcasters and kind of learn about this NFT world at the same time. And, uh, Quite frankly, it’s just getting it off the ground right now. And, but definitely check out our website and check out the drop stores, community and the NFT information on there.

Brian: And, uh, if you’re going to podcast movement 20, 22, you’re gonna wanna check out I got it right.

That guy, if I didn’t get it right. That guy, um, walk up to him and say, Hey man, I wanna be a drop star first. One’s. He’s gonna give you the information you need to grab. One of our limited [00:18:00] edition Dallas 2022, uh, NFTs that will get you into the drop star community. And, uh, you know, the more the merrier, we’re all here to help each other through this crazy journey of podcasting and things are changing rapidly and, uh, no better way to keep your fingers on the pulse of it all other than surrounding yourself with a great C.

Lynz: Yes. And, you know, I just did the math in my head and this episode is dropping the Monday before podcast movement. And so, um, basically it’ll be around all week if you hear this during podcast movement, uh, before it, uh, definitely reach out to me and find me, uh, on site, if you are subscribed virtually, um, you know, maybe hit me up through the app and, uh, we can connect that way too.

Definitely, Brian will be back here. You know, he will just be, he’ll be way more productive that week. I mean, he’ll have actually gotten things done and I will just have been out and about [00:19:00] connecting with you all. Um, but you know,

Brian: you know, lid that’s, that’s work in and of itself and you connecting with other creatives.

I’m jealous, uh, that I will not be in attendance and I cannot wait for evolutions. Uh, this summer. And that’s the next show I will be going to, but, uh, no, I’m super stoked that you’re gonna be there representing, uh, you and growth. Network podcasts and feed drops. And, uh, you know, it’s always fun to shake people’s hands and get to meet new people.


Lynz: yeah, it really is. And we met at a podcast conference and so it’s a, um, it always feels like a, a special place where you could really meet somebody you’re gonna work on a project with, for a while. Or maybe you don’t know that. Years ago now. And so it took a little while, but we got here.

Brian: Yeah. And I can’t wait for Outlier to come back to LA man.

Lynz: Yeah. Maybe we, uh, see if they’ll do an orange county. [00:20:00] Hmm.

Brian: Check that out. We’re gonna have to, uh, Drop a bug.

Lynz: Yeah. I hate to bring that idea up, live on the air, but here we are. This is why you stick around for the end of the episode, cuz anything could happen.

Brian: Anything can happen at all. Well, we wanna thank you all for tuning into this episode of feed drops.

Check out these two awesome shows. Links will be in the show notes below. Be sure to let them know you heard about them on feed drops and that’s all I’ve got to say. That’s 20. Plenty, plenty. Follow us. Uh, Instagram, Twitter. I lied. Yeah, I’ve got more to say.

Lynz: You got more to say, see us, hang out with us on TikTok.

You’re gonna see a video of me from the beginning of this episode. Like it follows.


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