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Paying Our Way To Enlightenment

Chasing Enlightenment & Making Conversations Count on this episode of Fee Drops. Feed Drops is about Podcast Discovery. Do you listen?

Chasing Enlightenment & Making Conversations Count on this episode of Fee Drops. Feed Drops is about Podcast Discovery. Do you listen?

Lynz and Brian feature two new shows this week that may be new to you.

You wanna go deep on some culty groups and how they came to be? Lynz offers “Chasing Enlightenment” Episode #1 “The Vegetarians”. Not who you may be thinking about.

Brian brings forth “Making Conversations Count” episode #87. The key to incredible podcast growth with the founder of “Guestio”, a podcast monetization platform.


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[00:00:00] Brian: What are you listening to

[00:00:09] Lynz: Brian? You share yours and all share

[00:00:11] Brian: mine with millions of podcasts. How do you choose?

[00:00:15] Lynz: We are here to help you find that next bingeable

[00:00:18] Brian: podcast or that piece of content you’ll follow regularly. You’re listening to feed drops.

[00:00:25] Lynz: All right, everybody. Welcome to feed drops. We are here.

My name is Lynn and I’m here with Brian and we do this show every week. And we’re happy to be here. This is our 10th episode of feed drops. And what does that bring up for you? Brian?

[00:00:43] Brian: last stat. I read 90% of the show started. Don’t make it past 13. Ooh. So 14 will be a good episode.

[00:00:51] Lynz: Yeah. So yeah. We’re about a month away from that, right? Yeah, we’re doing so like things are going at a clip, I think for those of you listeners out [00:01:00] there if you’ve been hearing some of the episodes we’re finding our footing, but it really feels like we’re starting to find a rhythm with it. Not only in the format of the show, but also in the administrative part, making sure that all the eyes are dotted, T’s are crossed. And.

It’s nice to be able to kinda lock that in and go. All right. Now, down to the content

[00:01:19] Brian: and speaking of content, I wanna compliment you on the TikTok content. You’ve been throwing out there. Oh thank you, sir. You’re crushing it. If you do not follow us on TikTok, hit us up. We are feed drops on TikTok.

Yeah. As well as Instagram, Twitter, we are pod feed drops, hit us up on them, social platforms.

[00:01:34] Lynz: definitely do that. Engage with us there and, Happy to chat with you and share podcasts on there as well. So it’s an extension of what we’re doing here,

[00:01:45] Brian: that it is speaking of what we are doing here.

Lynn, what do you have for us and the listeners today?

[00:01:52] Lynz: I am really excited about this pick because it checks a lot of boxes for me. One, it was a submitted show. [00:02:00] I’m just thrilled that people submit their shows. I am as well. Makes me very happy. And this one is called chasing enlightenment. The artwork on this one is great.

You gotta definitely check it out. Really cool iconic look. And the first episode is called the vegetarians, which if you know me, you know that speaks to me. I am a vegetarian. But what I love most about this show, You know what you’re gonna have to wait till we get to it, leave it. Brian, what did you bring

[00:02:31] Brian: today?

I also picked a submitted show and the show is called making conversations count. So that intrigued me right away. And to be completely honest, I listened to the entire episode and not till just now did I realize. The host of the show is actually a telemarketing trainer. Therefore, all the people that are bugging you [00:03:00] at dinner time, it’s probably her fault.

Mm. So I’m not gonna hold that against her because she’s interviewing somebody that created a platform within the podcasting space. And the episode is entitled. How much money do podcasts? Also intriguing in our line of work. That definitely

[00:03:20] Lynz: speaks

[00:03:21] Brian: to me. It does. And she has a great guest with a cool platform and, some topics are gonna be played that I’ve had uncomfortable conversations with some of my hosts.

Some people are uncomfortable asking for what this show helps out with. So I’m intrigued. I cannot wait to share it and we’re gonna do that right after this quick.

All right, Lynn, I can’t wait. Tell me about this

[00:03:47] Lynz: cult. Okay. we’re gonna start off in a second with a clip, but first I’ll set it up. Again, the show we’re talking about is called chasing enlightenment and it follows a cult from Toronto. Yeah, that started, I [00:04:00] believe in the mid seventies sometime.


We’re just gonna have to go to the clip. Now, here

[00:04:05] Brian: we go. Clip one,

 [00:05:00] The veggies were little

[00:05:16] Lynz: pests. The veggies were a little pests. So that kind of gives you a little bit of insight into how they behaved. But they lived in this one area of Toronto that they had set up a vegetarian restaurant, maybe the first of its kind in the Toronto area in the seventies. And they built some other businesses around it.

They had a really charismatic leader and. this first episode doesn’t really get too much into him too much, but they definitely allude to the fact that he started out as a humble guy who really connected with people and became power hungry which that’s pretty exciting. , you know, not from I wouldn’t want to experience it, but as a podcast listener, it gets me going

[00:05:57] Brian: have, Have you ever known somebody in a [00:06:00] cult knowingly known.

I um, and we’re not talking about the ones that knock on our doors and try to get us to church.

[00:06:06] Lynz: No. Yeah. I don’t have, I’ve met some people who have left, they’ve left cults or they’ve been in them before. That’s

[00:06:14] Brian: strange. Not strange. Interesting.

[00:06:16] Lynz: The church I grew up in was listed in a Catholic book of cults.

Really? Yes. But it was. Anyone who thinks for themselves, it it kind of walks its way into the Catholic list of cults. I’d like

[00:06:27] Brian: to see that list. Cause I’m sure every church that isn’t Catholic is probably in that book.

[00:06:32] Lynz: Yeah, no, I kind of wanna go back and find it. I have not thought about that whole thing in a long time.

So now that’s all pre google. Now I wonder what would happen if I searched it? I’m sorry to

[00:06:42] Brian: get you off topic,

[00:06:43] Lynz: but that’s, we’re in the cults, and so I’d be interested if you’re listening to this and you have been a part of a cult, or you have a friend who is in a cult or you have any sort of firsthand cult knowledge, will you message us DM us?

Hit us up [00:07:00] somewhere and just tell us that story because I love that stuff and it’d be real fun to get it from someone who’s listen. Future

[00:07:07] Brian: podcast, project

[00:07:09] Lynz: future. Oh man. Don’t gimme, I have too many I have too many Brian do not do it.

[00:07:14] Brian: So tell me more about the veggies.

[00:07:16] Lynz: All right. So they were.

They had a vegetarian lifestyle and they had a vegetarian restaurant and they got into food packaging because they’re, they needed food packaging that was veggie friendly or something. So they were entrepreneurial in some sense. But as you heard in that last one, they squeezed people out of the area.

They used mafioso type techniques in their own right to monk people out. So for this next. the area that they had taken over was a dry area. There was no alcohol allowed. And anytime a restaurant would try to come in and get a permit for alcohol and try to get it rezoned. They would show up in full force to try to like keep the area dry, not allow any liquor.

And there’s [00:08:00] something a little bit off about how they did everything, but in particular, this story here sets up how they joyfully make life difficult for their neighbors.

[00:09:00] [00:09:22] Lynz: So yeah, you can tell that This group is not entirely playing by anyone else’s rules. And this is a little instance of it, but I, definitely listened through this one and I subscribed right away, halfway in, I knew I was gonna be listening to the rest of these shows. I’m a fan, I think. if you find creepy groups of people, interesting, you will be a fan too.

[00:09:45] Brian: I’m gonna have to turn my wife onto this. Because she’s, we actually have a picture of her in the corner of the remains of the cabin that they captured Charles Manson in and there’s a famous picture of a California highway [00:10:00] patrolman holding him at gunpoint, pulling him out of this cabinet.

And she was in that same spot, crunched down. She loves that kind of stuff.

[00:10:06] Lynz: Nice. I think it’s her thing, then it definitely well sweet. That’s it for this one for chasing enlightenment. And I think after the break, I can’t wait to hear the show that you brought Brian

[00:10:21] Brian: today. We have for you making conversations count. And this is hosted by Wendy Harris, who is a telemarketing trainer. And. have a lot of conversations, obviously, but in talking with a buddy, we always use this term and throw banter around that words matter and they do, and the choice of word.

And typically we’re talking about how the news is reporting something and the. Choice of words they choose to use. So this kind of spoke to me and then as I dove into it a little more, she is actually interviewing a [00:11:00] gentleman who created a platform called Gusto, which is a podcast monetization platform.

And I’m gonna leave it at that for now. And we’re gonna play this first clip

[00:11:11] Lynz: They’re probably gonna take your time more seriously. They’re probably gonna show up with a little bit more energy. They’re probably more motivated to share the opportunity like cuz when you pay attention and people sometimes take podcasting opportunities for granted.

They’re looked at more like a PR campaign. Like somebody’s writing an article and it’s just not the same thing. We’re looking at it more Hey, this is like a platform marketing campaign. This isn’t just for like credibility. This is like credibility awareness, traffic. Leads sales. There’s so many other reasons to do this, besides just oh, let me go get an article

[00:11:39] Brian: or whatever.

And he’s And he’s speaking to the fact of people paying for marketing services. And if they want an article in whatever, on whatever platform that they’re gonna have to pay for that as a service and the whole premise of guest [00:12:00] is a platform. People can ask to be on a show for X amount of dollars, because let’s face it.

We’ve been around podcasting long enough to know a lot of guests just dropped a book or have a new training program or this or that they’re promoting. And if any of your audiences converted as a podcast host, they’re making money on it. This is to level the playing field a little bit. So everybody involved can make money because despite what people believe most podcasters do not make any money with their show.

It’s a labor of love and a lot of sweat equity goes into it and, to have a platform like this, I thought was pretty cool. Lynn, your thoughts?

[00:12:42] Lynz: Yeah, I think what strikes me about it is that If you have the audience. So the hard work I think is building the audience most definitely for everybody.

Everybody’s trying that’s the currency that we’re all trying to trade in. And so if you have created an audience that does [00:13:00] act upon your calls to action and engages with your content and does these things, then. Getting the guests to be a part of your income stream.

Sounds like a pretty smart idea. If you don’t have that, you don’t have that. I think that’s a lever that’s only available for those that have amassed a direct audience of any sort.

[00:13:21] Brian: And I think this next clip actually reinforces what we just uh, talked about.

[00:14:00] [00:15:00] [00:15:06] Brian: it’s been looked upon that podcasters are low hanging fruit and easy to get on because we’re always looking for guests. Now that podcasting is, at the level it’s at and people are asking for fee appearances, it’s pushing back on that old school of thought.

And it’s interesting to see, and I can, I could honestly attest that what he said about if you have 40 people asking to be on your show a month and you only have four slots, why not charge? And see where that market value is for your audience and letting these guests determine what that value is.

What a brilliant way to play and, you might be able to make a little money on the side.

[00:15:52] Lynz: Yeah. I think the danger, the only dangerous part is that a lot of people think they have that problem before they do [00:16:00] most definitely, and I’ve been one of those. You know what I mean?

I’ve been like, oh, I could make this, I could charge to do this show. And you’re like, who . And so you really do have, you have to build, you really have to build the demand first and you have to, and you have to front lo that’s a lot of work,

[00:16:16] Brian: so definitely. And it’s interesting to see how the market values something.

And I think that this is a cool. Platform because the host can go. No, I really don’t want your money. I don’t don’t think you’ll resonate well with my audience. So it’s not a pay to play. It’s, a pay to open that door to have a conversation, which I thought was fair.

Number one and number two. Yes. If you have a very high demand show and people are knocking down doors to be a guest on your. Why not charge and weed out the week. And he went on to say, once that guest pays most likely they’re gonna be on time early. They’re gonna be more likely to promote that piece of content on their own social, [00:17:00] because we’ve run into that too, where, the guest didn’t even promote the episode that they were on and.

That’s frustrating if you’re trying to grow an audience and why wouldn’t they use the assets that you provided them to promote? The fact that they were on their show, they’re promoting themselves, and there’s obviously some residual audience retention from that. However, he made some very valid points, I encourage you to go back and listen to the entire episode. Number one number two, if you’re looking at monetizing your podcast and charging guests to appear check out guest deal maybe it’s up your alley. Maybe you have a large enough audience to where it makes sense to you.

[00:17:37] Lynz: Yeah, I think that’s that’s certainly something to consider and it, It sounds to me also, like it might be worth checking out other episodes of this show. If she got this guest, I wonder what other guest she might be getting,

[00:17:50] Brian: And that, that’s part of what intrigued me about this show. If she trains telemarketers, it’s. All about keeping that conversation going in a [00:18:00] timely manner to get them to that ask quickly.

[00:18:02] Lynz: So it’s a result. And so she has gotta be living by results too, which means that I’m probably gonna what she’s doing on

[00:18:10] Brian: some level, right? Not that I’m trying to, sell you a first aid kid over the phone, but when it comes to conversation, storytelling commanding an audience, it all fits into podcast.

It’s the same

[00:18:20] Lynz: thing. Cause whether you’re just trying to keep people’s attention or sell them something, the same rules apply. Most

[00:18:26] Brian: definitely. Yeah. So making conversations count was my pick for the week. We hope you check it out. It might be up your alley and I’m definitely gonna turn my wife onto the veggies.

She might dig

[00:18:38] Lynz: that. Yeah, no, I’m gonna go check out, making conversations count and. This is another thing that’s really important about this is that both these shows were submitted to us. And that means that we had no idea they existed before they were submitted to our show and they were submitted through the feed drops.com website.

You can click a [00:19:00] thing at the top. It says, submit the, submit your show. We just wouldn’t know about these shows if the creators hadn’t gone and filled out that form. And we really beg anybody who is making a podcast who wants to be considered for this, or who wants to be shared, fill out the form.

Tell us about your show and let us try to share you.

[00:19:20] Brian: And one thing on that, I’m the one that dumps the reports and gets rid of some junk because. It’s a web form and some junk sneaks through from time to time. Some of it’s quite comical. I need to start sharing it with you. Liz screenshots, but we also ask you that you don’t gamify it.

I found a show and I liked the show for a future episode. And when I went back to click the link for that show, it was different. And it took me a second to realize they submitted multiple times. oh, funny. Cool good on you. You caught my attention submit your show once. If you haven’t heard back from [00:20:00] us within, four weeks, give it another, try or reach out to us.

We’re easy to get a hold of TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. You can,

[00:20:08] Lynz: PMs will definitely engage. Submit it. If you wanna let us know, Hey, we submitted that’s a good reminder. We’re, we’re busy people. It’s never hurts to get reminded, but we’ll definitely go and check out what you’ve brought and we’re gonna get more submissions than we have time to do them.

So we’re gonna end up doing, 50 something shows this year and we’ve already gotten 30 something submissions. And so it’s, we’re gonna end up having more and that’s. Please keep submitting and be patient and

[00:20:38] Brian: it’ll be fun. And that form’s been up for seven weeks now and I just looked at submissions from week number four.

This week. It’s not, we’re dumping this report weekly, but it doesn’t mean we’re gonna look at this last week’s report cuz there’s still some good shows that have been submitted.

[00:20:55] Lynz: So yeah, I still haven’t checked some emails from three days ago, so it’s the same kinda thing [00:21:00] so for

[00:21:02] Brian: sure.

We thank you for listening to this episode of feed drops. We hope you enjoy it. If you want to hear any of these episodes in their entire. They will be dropping in their entirety on our sister feed, just the drops Wednesday. And then the second show Thursday and, or scroll down, hit the link, head over to the show.

Please let them know. You heard about their show on feed drops. That would mean the world to us. And again, if you’re that social type hit us up on social media.

[00:21:32] Lynz: And then if you’re very tired of trying to find all the different things in all the different places, and you just wanna see it in one place, that’s where we have it all in sub stack.

Go check us out on subs stack and you can see the video, the audio, the, all the different things we’re gonna be adding extra layers to that as well as we go along. What we’re saying situation but if you someplace and know you’re the whole menu, the is the way [00:22:00] [00:22:00] Brian: until next week.


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