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Men in Black need a Life-Changing Hobby

Do we have two good shows to introduce you to this week on “Feed Drops”! “The Weird Horizon” and “The What it is Podcast”.

Do we have two good shows to introduce you to this week on “Feed Drops”! “The Weird Horizon” and “The What it is Podcast”.

Do we have two good shows to introduce you to this week! “The Weird Horizon” and “The What it is Podcast”.

Hosted by Sarah Kersey, Weird Horizon digs into the paranormal and the mysterious. This episode starts the multipart series about “Men in Black” Not the movie, but the original scary men who have been showing up at mysterious times.

TWS stands for “The White Pants Society”. This is a show about serious topics that tries not to take itself too seriously. Each week discusses his perspective on life, fatherhood, relationships, music, and anything else that seems interesting. Hosted by JDotFlan


by Descript

Brian: [00:00:00] There have been

Lynz: reports of shadowy visitations by men in black suits come to be known as men in black.

One two,

Brian: Hey lens. What are you listening to?

Lynz: Brian? You share yours and all share mine with

Brian: millions of podcasts. How do you choose?

Lynz: We are here to help you find that next bingeable

Brian: podcast or that piece of content you’ll follow regularly. You’re listening

Lynz: to feed drops.

Brian: All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of feed drops. My name is Brian and I am joined by my good friend Lynn lens. How

Lynz: are you? I’m doing great, Brian and, uh, happy to be.

Brian: Any coolness in the podcasting world in your life this week, did you discover something

Lynz: new?

Oh, it’s been, uh, it’s been exciting. I’m mostly getting excited for podcast movement, which, uh, is in [00:01:00] the future for me. But as a listener, it’s in the past for you. So, um, I am traveling through space and time is what I’m doing, Brian,

Brian: you know, and I so wish I was joining you at podcast movement. However, Gotta keep the lights on at the studio.

So I will not be, I’ll be living vicariously through your tox and, uh, you know, wishing I was there with you.

Lynz: Well, it won’t be the same without you, but, uh, I’ll try to get by. Yeah, I’m sure

Brian: you will. I don’t think you’re gonna have, uh, any problem with that.

Lynz: Well, is me, will I survive? Will I survive? And, uh, I’ll bring some of the joy back to the show afterwards.

In fact, we might even be doing a live show recording from the floor somewhere. So

Brian: yeah, that would be, hopefully we can work that out with time there and time here. And mm-hmm and if we do. Hopefully we’ll know, you know, at least an hour or two before, and we’ll get it out on [00:02:00] social. So if you’re not following us on Twitter and or Twitter, I did it again.

Or TikTok. I, I turned British. When I have to say Twitter,

Lynz: Twitter, it sounds more elegant that way. It, yeah, I, I,

Brian: no idea where that comes from. Um, Twitter, Instagram TikTok will be throwing it out there, uh, giving you as much advanced warning as possible so what do you have for us today, Lynn?

Lynz: Well, I’m going to, uh, We’re gonna pull a switcheroo and switch it back on you because Brian, your show is first. So you’re gonna tell me what you’re doing and then I’ll go to mine and then we’ll get the whole thing started.

Brian: So I’m going through this submissions and if you have not submitted your podcast to feed drops, head on over to feed drops.com.

Submit your show, answer a few questions, give us a few links and we might choose your show for. However I’m going through submissions and the what is Ts podcast. Okay. The title got me, cuz what is Ts? I’m [00:03:00] curious. Okay. And it gets even funnier. Um, but the title got me. So I started listening to an episode and I’m not sure what age nor does it really matter, I guess, uh, that jar.

Is however he was having conversations and reflections about life that I think I would’ve had with my father, if he were alive through my, you know, early twenties and thirties and forties. Um, however, it was just cool to hear him talk about what’s going on in his life. So that kind of grabbed me. And then I had to go Google Ts, but I’m not gonna tell you what Ts stands for just yet.

Lens. What do you have for us?

Lynz: Well, that’s a nice little cliff hanger. Um, I have a show called weird horizon and, uh, weird horizon. I’ll tell you more about it after [00:04:00] the break. There’s a lot more to know, but maybe in a mysterious fashion. All righty. So after this break, we’ll dig into.

Brian: All right, everybody.

Thank you for checking out, uh, those who are supporting us. And today I have for you, what is Ts podcast now? Ts stands for the white pants society and yes, there is no P in T Ts. However, it’s a long story. He didn’t get into it in this episode. And I’m half tempted to go join his Facebook group just to get it figured out.

Um, because again, I enjoy what this podcaster is doing. He goes by J Dotlan, former rapper father, recovering addict. Um, he used the term washed up rapper. I’ll say former because, Hey, you know, when music’s in your soul, it’s in your soul, [00:05:00] right. We

Lynz: all have a past. And, uh, that’s um, , you know, I w one would hate to think that all of us are washed up some things.

That’s not really, a great way to move through life. I love it the way you see it. Yeah. We’re,

Brian: we’re not washed up. We’re just, uh, season, season, season to the point we get to sit back and watch others playing. So he I’m, I’m gonna set this clip up because he’s talking about what’s going on in social media.

And when, when somebody says that. I have no idea what he’s referring to nor does he get into it. However, because social media is what it is. There’s always something going on in social media that angers you upsets, you disappoints you. So not knowing what his angst was with what’s going on in social media.

I chose this clip because it really, in my opinion, gave me the [00:06:00] feel for, for him as a, as a man. So here we. We’re just gonna

Lynz: have fun to talk about whatever, talk about whatever. I, I have no real like script this week. I am definitely off script. I man, I spent, spent the last couple of days. This is the recurring theme of just like thinking what the fuck can I talk about?

And the idea of like, not talking about the elephant in the room, you know, was bothered. Like, how do. How do I do this show and not address it? Um, and I feel like, you know, this moment right here, this section of the show is addressing it. I’m not addressing that. I’m not going to address it and why I’m not going to address it.

And I’m comfortable

Brian: with that, you know? And I can respect that.

Lynz: Yeah. And that was, that was, I felt like, uh, a really good ex well, you know, it was an explanation of why we’re not gonna address it. Yeah.

Brian: And you know, sometimes so much is going on in the world. It leaves you with a funny feeling and you [00:07:00] just don’t have, you haven’t formulated an opinion one way or the other yet.

And I kind of got the feeling that’s where he was, you know, he knows something’s going on. That’s not sitting well, but he’s addressing it by saying he’s not going to address it just yet.

Lynz: Yeah, no. And I think that’s a part of, uh, expression you have to, um, You have to clear the way so you can get to what you do wanna talk about, which may not be that other thing that everyone’s expecting you to say something about.


Brian: definitely. I’m gonna jump into clip two and then we’ll discuss it.

Lynz: Everything you can think of and a million things you’ve never thought about, um, are a vocation or a possible thing to do. And, uh, and just, and it’s usually not as difficult as you think it is to get into it. And, um, you know, and even if you can’t find a way to like, make it profitable or, you know, your, your job situation, if it, it could just be.

A [00:08:00] life changing hobby for you or a source of happiness and a source of peace, something that you just enjoy and enriches your life. And strangely enough, it’s normally right around the time that it becomes that thing. That’s just, you know, an enrichment to your life that you know, that you, that you love, that you get good enough at it to make money off of it.

That’s , that’s, you know, once you fall in love with the process, once you fall in love with the art of something, um, you. The grind to become good enough at it to make money off of it is, is not work anymore. And, um,

Brian: and I resonate with that

Lynz: wholeheartedly damn that’s. I mean, I, that feels like something I wish I’d heard in my twenties and thirties.

Um, and maybe I knew a little bit of her. I had, I learned piece by piece that that was true on the hard way, but that is true. The thing you’re passionate enough about that you just kind of eat, sleep and breathe it for fun. [00:09:00] By the time it’s enriching you, you could probably turn it into a, a career without sacrificing too much from you, you know?

And, uh, It’s hard to be patient about that when you’re young. And I was just

Brian: gonna say, you have to be patient to yeah. To pay the dues and get there. And I think a lot of people these days don’t realize you’ve gotta pay your dues. They want it. They want it now. And because they can’t have it now that wasn’t their jam.

Well, I

Lynz: think also sometimes maybe you don’t trust that the due system is gonna stick around to reward you for having done it. Yeah. And I think I’ve worked in places where the old people said, pay your dues, but the under the new structure, the it’ll take me so long to pay my dues that the world will have passed me by twice over, you know?

And so, uh, I can see why. But maybe you don’t pay the dues by the rules. You pay the dues by just getting a bunch of experience, you know? And so either way you have to kinda get your feet wet, get a little hands

Brian: dirty. Yeah, most definitely. So [00:10:00] in this episode, he talks about reasonable doubt. Turning 26, his sister is heavily into Astro photography and he talks about some of the images she was, uh, creating and.

He talks about his college crush , which, you know, uh, was kind of interesting, you know, it felt like guys sitting around talking about, you know, past girlfriends, but, uh, it, it was a really cool episode. I intend on listening to more of, uh, what he’s putting out. Um, it just felt comfortable listening to his show and I dug it.

Lynz: It’s like the kind of show where you feel like you got the connection of that real conversation with that person. And as a listener, you know, maybe you didn’t reciprocate entirely, but like you, you felt it, you know, that’s, that’s awesome.

Brian: Definitely. Well, that is all I have for you today. The what is [00:11:00] TWS podcast?

He does have a Facebook group. There will be links to what he’s got going on in the show notes below. If you like what you heard and you check him out, let him know. You heard about him from feed drops. Lynz, what do you have

Lynz: for us today? All right, today I have weird horizon. And weird horizon is a show, um, by Sarah Kersey and the episode that I picked, um, I honestly, like I was kind of thinking this might be by the title that it might be another movie review show because it’s about men in black.

But to my surprise, it’s about the concept of sort of the original black bag men, the men in black, like the, the trope that the movie. Based itself off of essentially. And so, um, I think, you know, let’s dig into that first quote here to get a little context

for almost as long as there have been reports of [00:12:00] UFOs.

There have been reports of shadowy visitations by men in black suits come to be known as men in black. Few people watching men in black movies would think that this concept is based on any particular person or that the nameless figures prominent in the XFiles ready to expunge all evidence visitation.

As soon as they occur might be more than just a narrative device used to keep our detectives on the constant

Brian: chase. So I, I think I understand what you’re saying here. That’s kind of a cool

Lynz: concept. Yeah. So the she’s saying is that the men in black that you, um, That we see in the TV shows of XFiles or the movie men in black are based on what people really experienced when they face paranormal things and government entities would come and wanna kind of sweep it into the ground.

Um, and [00:13:00] you know, she goes into all sorts of things about how it. These people are often sort of created to be faceless and nameless, you know, sort of having non-descript facial hair, facial details and all that kind of thing. And so, um, I was really kind of enjoying how, uh, the sort of historical retelling of, you know, sort of that phenomenon of, uh, people finding UFOs and then having, you know, scary men in black come.

Tell ’em not to talk about it. Have you ever seen a UFO lens? I have not seen a UFO I’ve um, no, I’m trying to think through, even as a kid, I don’t believe that I ever even sort of thought we were on, on the cusp of that. I always wanted there to be. Um, until my brain got imaginative to imagine how mean they could be.

And then it was [00:14:00] suddenly, oh, I don’t know that I wanna meet any UFOs. Yeah. How

Brian: about your brain? I don’t, I, I don’t think the way Hollywood portrays being abducted by aliens fits well with my lifestyle. Nope. But, um, no, I can’t say that I’ve seen

Lynz: a UFO. Any friends? Do you have any, like any friends or acquaintances who, who seem that kind of, uh,

Brian: No, I hang out with pretty normal

Lynz: people.

well, I wouldn’t go well.

Brian: Yeah, just joking. You know what? I think we are silly to think we are the only smart beings in this space in

Lynz: time. Yeah. Um, I could see. Our time on this planet is small enough that we may not happen to notice them, or, you know, there could be ways we never cross each other. Uh, the university is pretty big, but,

Brian: and then part of me thinks they’re up there going, we don’t wanna interact with those

Lynz: dumb asses.

Yeah. It’s like, how much do [00:15:00] we wanna go hang out in the ant Hills? You know, like, Hey, not so much. Right. So, um, let’s go into this next quote. I forgot what it’s, what it is. I’ll, I’ll tell you after. Three men in black suits with threatening expressions on their faces, three men who walk in on you and make certain demands, three men who know that, you know, what the sources really are.

They don’t want you to tell anyone else what you know. All right. So this is the written account of a person who actually encountered these men. And so she has found this. Sort of his written account of that experience and has put it into her history of the black bag men or the men in black, um, who come and try to shut it all down.

Um, but I just, it was kind of vivid imagery that was put there and written in a time when writing was very, [00:16:00] um, captured imagery. And, um, I felt like. I understood how much he disliked that scenario, how he wrote about it. And, uh, I just kinda like this sort of historical telling of the history of the, of this phenomenon.

So, um, that to me is sort of what weird horizon is bringing to the table. That’s a four part series. So. Whether or not, you’re interested in sort of whatever else. The show is just the four part series on the men in black, um, is a great deep dive. I imagine be very useful at a Halloween party. Um, anytime you, those in person, social gatherings, where you have to talk about some kind of, uh, detail that everyone else finds fascinat.

The show will probably give you one of those details now

Brian: in, in what we do, it’s safe to assume. [00:17:00] We don’t check out five, six episodes of what it is. These creators are creating. We hone in on one or two. We listen with intent to that one that we choose. Um, and that’s what we bring to you. And we describe what reasons we bring it to you.

but did you happen to notice if she only covers movies or does she get into

Lynz: other aspects? It’s uh, kind of paranormal phenomenon. Okay. And it’s honestly, uh, the way I came in was my thought it was a movie, but I don’t think the rest of her stuff goes that direction. I think she just kind of talks about these phenomenon.

Um, and. I, uh, there’s a lot more for me to discover here too. I, she had shared an episode that was a standalone. And then this episode, that was a part of a series. And the one that was a part of a series, I think really spoke to me because I love a series. Yeah. So

Brian: very interesting [00:18:00] concept. I’m gonna dive in and see if there’s a movie that pops in my mind and yeah.

And give her a listen that, uh, that was really cool.

Lynz: Yeah. So, uh, that was weird horizon, uh, from Sarah you know, she, there will have the links of course, in the show notes and everything. And, um, definitely check it out, tell her stop by tell her we said hello. And that we found the show and feed drops and, um, we’re excited to share it all.


Brian: All right, everybody. That’s it. For this episode of feed drops, be sure to tune in Wednesday and Thursday for just the drop, these two episodes in their entirety, and be sure to check out what we have going on on uncut.fm. There’s a link in the show notes below to the drop stir community. And, uh, you might wanna check out what we have going on and, uh, grab yourself an [00:19:00] NFT and join us and, uh, to experience us, you know, in that community and what we have going on in our lives. And. A lot of advice is gonna be going back and forth, uh, within that community.

And we’re eager to get it growing. And by the time you hear this, I’m sure it’s gonna be 10 times as large as it is now because of what Lynn did last week at podcast

Lynz: movement. So I can’t wait for this time travel experience to come full circle. And I can give you a report from after the event. After the event and, uh, I’m, it’s gonna be a fun time.

Thank you all for listening so much. We are really grateful to have you here. And, uh, we’re, we’ll be back next week for another episode of feed Brian: drop. Check us out on Instagram, Twitter, and we’ll see you next.


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