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Killing the Suspension of Disbelief with Creative Marketing

This week Lynz is “Killing Time with Arch” but Brian didn’t take the advice of “Just go Watch”
We met Arch through TikTok and Lynz got to sit down with him at Podcast Movement

This week Lynz is “Killing Time with Arch” but Brian didn’t take the advice of “Just go Watch”
We met Arch through TikTok and Lynz got to sit down with him at Podcast Movement

This week Lynz is “Killing Time with Arch” but Brian didn’t take the advice of “Just go Watch”

We met Arch through TikTok and Lynz got to sit down with him at Podcast Movement in a sound booth provided by Hubspot.

Film and TV reviews from three guys who have no qualifications or right to critique. You should probably just go watch it for yourself, discuss The Gray Man.


by Descript

Arielle: [00:00:00] I love consuming content through my ears.


and I didn’t know that until 2014. So my guess is that there are more people that would love consuming content through their ears. So if I can expose a few more people to that, that’s great.

One two.

Brian: Hey Lynz, what are you listening to?

Lynz: Brian? You share yours and I’ll share mine,

Brian: you know, with so many . Podcasts out there. How do you decide what is gonna take

Lynz: your time? You know, at feed drops, that’s what we’re trying to solve every. Where we take two different podcasts and we bring them together and talk to them with clips and everything so that you can learn about them,

Brian: you know?

And we’ve got two exciting shows for you today. And I guess first off, welcome back podcast movement. 2022. It’s so good to see you in person. Appreciate you coming into the studio. And we had the opportunity to break bread. I [00:01:00] miss you buddy. Glad you’re back.

Lynz: Same, glad to be here. Uh, without further ado, we’re just gonna jump into the shows this time.

I think that’s why everyone’s here. They wanna learn about these podcasts. So Brian. Tell us about the one that you picked.

Brian: You know, I’m not one to normally listen to content. That’s talking about TV, movie reviews, anything like that. However, I could not resist this show entitled, just go watch because they submitted an episode to us of something I’ve yet to watch, but it’s on my radar to watch when it’s available to watch on one of the platforms I watch stuff.

on Did I crush it. That’s a lot of

Lynz: watch it. That’s a lot of watch it. It’s like a Rolex so much watch the gray man. Have you seen it? I have not. What’s the gray

Brian: man. I haven’t either, but it’s this Jason Bish super spy and, and I love the genre. So I chose this and we’re gonna roll into clip number [00:02:00] one.

Just Go Watch: Things that we love don’t we, we love it when a cold that’s what a man be.

Yeah, exactly. You know, he he’s, he’s cold, he’s calculating, you know, that’s how we want it. And it was a nice difference from how, like, usually when CIA are in films, it’s all like gray suits and, you know, white blows walking around like a building and stuff. Uh, this is like, this is a lot more fun. Um, I did enjoy it a lot.

The CGI bothered me in places , um, usually into places where they were like stretching for this sort of, I don’t know, like, like the damage scale on this was out of this world. Um, I feel like it could have done with like, just like scaling back. Somebody’s like events that were going on and like using real world stunts and stuff.

I think it would’ve give it a movie, a better film. Or, or, or a better feel should I say, um, Chris Evans has bad guy. It’s the second time he’s played bad guy and I’ve liked both of him now. Um, he seems [00:03:00] like quite good at playing a prick.

Brian: You know what, and I have to agree with him, not necessarily on the gray man, because I’ve yet to watch him, but sometimes less is more.

Lynz: Yeah. It’s like, you’re trying to do too many things and you don’t hit the mark on enough of them to sort of carry the whole thing through, you know,

Brian: Y you know, and the other thing I liked about this clip was the gentleman who’s from across the pond is talking crap about how all CIA guys are wearing gray suits and they’re white.


Lynz: stereotypes, stereotypes. Well, and also, I mean, I love the, the description of, you know, that this a likable actor is playing a bad guy and like that’s, that’s enough to make me a little bit more interested in the film myself.

Brian: Definitely. Let’s roll into clip two.

Just Go Watch: Lloyd Hanson, the Chris heavens Gier. Um, it was a bit like how you were saying with him.

His character is very much, oh, you know, he’s in that position, he’s just gonna do everything like that. He can, but [00:04:00] then that car, Michael Guy was doing the same, but from like, you know, a higher up chair. Yeah. And then I didn’t, he was meant to have someone pulling his strings as well. It do you know? I didn’t, I just didn’t buy that somebody.

Yeah. Somebody much higher up is pulling car Michael strings. I was like, I didn’t really get why he was. Thing he wasn’t. I think it was about, he wasn’t well thought out. I don’t think it was thought out well, like a, because again, yeah, he’s doing all of these things that are going basically essentially result in an international incident.

Like just, no, it’s so like, you know, what’s the president doing here when he is talking to the head of CIA, what he’s just gonna be like, oh, oh man. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m glad you got the, uh, the chip back that I don’t even know anything about and that, and you’ve killed loads of, uh, whatever, like Russians for it or whatever.

Like, I mean, it’s just fucking. I don’t know. Yeah. I just didn’t get it. And that guy, I just didn’t see him. Like, I feel like he was too young as well,

Brian: you know, are they cast typing? Well, you

Lynz: know, I. Movies like this [00:05:00] require a suspension of disbelief, right? Like you’re going in knowing this, Hey, none of this happened right in real life.

This is not a thing. This is a fake movie where people are pretending to do things. And so if you’re going in trying to pick it apart too hard, I think you’ve missed the point, you know?

Brian: And, and that’s true. My, my wife is a true. Person. And we like watch a lot of TV that is based on this story. And in the back of your mind, you have to remember that because the director, the writers, they’re going to take liberties, you know, to tell a more visually compelling story if it’s, if it’s made for the screen.

And yes, just like, if you’re watching Spiderman, you are not gonna be like, oh my gosh, this guy can’t

Lynz: spin. Yeah, well, the science isn’t correct about how he picked up the spider that you’re like, no, the whole thing’s fake. Come on. Like, let’s be like that happened. Let’s be in, you know, in, for a [00:06:00] penny for a pound.

Brian: I do love the way the host banter back and forth, and they kind of get into it a little bit. And again, this is a podcast I normally wouldn’t listen to. I would just skip over however, giving it a try has made me actually hit that subscribe button. And I’ve been cruising through trying to find something that I’ve watched to listen to their take on it.

Because again, we’ve got some distance differences, some cultural differences. I think it would be just an interesting study if nonetheless to, you know, get their take on it. Yeah.

Lynz: Well, I’m curious, how long about are the episodes

Brian: that they’re doing? They, they can be rather long. Um, they get into some great detail.

Um, I don’t think I’ve, I’ve found an episode that was 30 minutes or less. They’ve been pretty

Lynz: long. Well, I, you know, I think in some cases when you’re going deep on, um, You’re going deep on a movie that’s [00:07:00] two hours long or something like that. You might need that kind of time, uh, to do that. But you know, it just kinda helps to know what kind of, uh, you know, obligation you’re signing up for.

When you pick out an episode

Brian: now, before we get to your show, we teased it up front. And it was funny because I knew the voice and I wonder how many of our listeners are gonna know the voice, but before we get to that, we’ll be right back after this short.

Lynz: All right. Welcome back to feed drops. And as Brian mentioned before the break, um, the guest in this next show is somebody you might be familiar with.

If you are a podcaster or you, uh, are. Into podcast discovery. She, you know, wrote the newsletter. That is, uh, one of the biggest newsletters in the industry for podcast discovery, Ariel Nien Blatt, but she’s not the host of this show. She’s actually just the guest on this episode. And [00:08:00] the podcast is called killing time with arch and arch is a guy that I met through TikTok and we became friends just through having podcasts on TikTok together.

And then we met up in person and when I first met him, he was telling me, oh, I haven’t been publishing in episodes in a while, but I did get this one out with Ariel on it. And so I. That’s the show. Uh, that’s the episode that I should pick to talk about here. I actually got a chance to be interviewed by arch at podcast movement.

We were in the booth, the HubSpot booth that you could sort of reserve. And we talked for his podcast and I recorded a sort of special interview with him that we may use as a special episode sometime can’t wait, but. Sort of the frame of killing time. The podcast with arch is he’s talking to other talkers, talking to other people who TikTok, um, whether they’re about [00:09:00] podcasts or just anything, musicians, other creatives.

And so, um, that’s what he’s talking to. That’s what got him connected to Ariel is because they are both on TikTok together. I’ve uh, interacted with both of them on TikTok. It felt like a really good fit for feed drops to kind of dig into. So we’re gonna go into this first bit, um, as a podcaster or any kind of creative marketing is such a huge part of the planning.

And so that’s what these, uh, this next bit is about.

It is definitely possible to grow your show at this point, but you need to build in marketing to every aspect of your product. and what I mean by that is definitely have a marketing plan. So when your episodes go live, what are you doing? But also, how can you make within your show more marketable?

Are there opportunities for you to have guests call in so that they’re so excited when they’re episode airs so that they wanna share it with everybody, right? Or are there opportunities for you to have podcasters who podcast about similar topics, [00:10:00] plug into your show and vice versa, so that,

Brian: so that. You can get that much more exposure.

Lynz: Yeah. Um, and so, you know, we don’t, it’s, we, uh, we don’t necessarily have a content, a marketing plan for this show, you know, other than we make episodes. And we do, you know, a social media post, um, per each episode on Instagram, you know, or maybe we do have an informal, uh, marketing plan, but it made me think.

How could we put that marketing plan into place for our own show model, this behavior that we’re learning about from Ariel? Um, what did it make you think of.

Brian: It made me feel lazy and ashamed of myself, you know, she’s, she’s absolutely right. We, back in the day, having a podcast was a marketing piece nowadays, and this is [00:11:00] the crazy thing with as few podcasts that there are actually out there.

We now have to market harder than we used to. And I think realizing that putting a plan and practice and good workflows in. is a reality. If, if you want your podcast to be successful and we can always do better. Yeah. We can always do better. You know, if you think you had a good week and then your, your social media and your marketing numbers are telling you, you had a good week, you can do

Lynz: better.

Yeah. Well, and the. It’s often hard to know how much time to spend on creation and how much time to spend on marketing. And they’re kind of intertwined, cuz marketing is sort of creative act itself. Um, but I think this next quote talks about sort of how to put your, how much time to spend on which.

One thing, I guess I’m realizing though, uh, which I think I understood to some extent before I started the show, but maybe didn’t realize how time consuming it would be, but the importance of marketing [00:12:00] and, um, I’m probably spending like half my time on that.

I would say now all you should, that’s actually the percentage that I like to give exactly. Um, my, my marketing friend and I Lauren passel, we always say you should be spending 50% of your. On creation, 50% of your time on marketing. And you don’t have to think of marketing as a chore. I fricking love marketing because it is inherently creative.

You’re thinking about ways to get your show in front of somebody else in a way that doesn’t feel like you are selling to them. And that is a creative endeavor.

Brian: She is so right

Lynz: about that. It’s true. And I think that it’s like, we, we make it icky or we make it like, oh, it’s marketing. Or, you know, so, but it really, it is, it’s an extension of the creative process and it sort of is, yeah.

What did we make that was worth seeing and how can I amplify that to people that are going to find it and be excited to have found it? So. .

Brian: Yeah. You know, personally with my own show, I had Joey, one of my [00:13:00] employees helping, and he was doing a good job of getting social posts out there and all of that.

Well, the studio got busy, so I pulled him off my show so he could work on other, you know, paying customers shows and. I realized, you know, a month into it, I’ve been doing social media posts, promoting my own episodes to the very least. And I’m like, oh, so what I lacked was that workflow was that system, which I’ve since rectified.

So if you follow me on other shows, you’ll see some more social coming out. Lynn, what is your CRE walk us through. What you do before you publish and after you publish an episode to draw eyes to it, say for this show, feed drops.

Lynz: Well, um, you know, I feel like this, I could do a whole, you know, maybe a YouTube video on this at some point for us, but, um, the creation, you know, when we hit, when we hit stop on [00:14:00] this, you’re gonna take these files and you’re gonna upload them to our Dropbox.

What I will go then do after is I go into Canva and I create some graphics. I take the, the show graphics for the shows that we covered, and I enter the information and I create some letter box ones and some square ones for Instagram. And so my workflow is I make all those graphics save them to our, our Dropbox.

And then when I, I go into D script is the, what I. When I’m editing the final podcast, I’m also making a video at the same time, and I can do that in the script. And I can, from that same file export the audio as an MP3, the video, uh, for YouTube and wherever else, the piece I’m paying attention to more these days is highlighting good quotes.

Interesting moments [00:15:00] that we’ve done, you know, something from between 20 and 60 seconds long, and as I’m editing, I’m highlighting those. And then I come back and I make, I, uh, I really quickly export and create the, those short vertical videos so that each episode generates between five and 10 vertical videos that over the next week I can be putting up on TikTok.

We can be putting up onto, uh, YouTube. Shorts, um, need to get them up onto reels and Instagram too, but you can’t, you know, it’s hard to be everywhere at once, but I definitely try to create things as I go so that I can naturally put them into the flow. And if I notice that I get to the other end and I’m like, oh, there’s something I wish I had now.

I need to go back to Canva and make that a part of the template so that I’m making it, making all the art at the same time. Anyway. So I like to think systematically like that, [00:16:00] and I think it helps. And as I tool it, then I get better at sort of being at knocking out steps, 1, 2, 7, 11, and 15 at the very beginning.

And then I’m picking up three and four here, 5, 9, 12, kind of just like, um, if you’re aware of all the steps at once. You can do them out of order so long as nothing is needed for the next one. Yeah. So you’re

Brian: batching what needs to be done while you’re in this piece of video and getting all of those steps done and then coming back and eventually everything is done.


Lynz: That’s very cool. And it’s piece that has to be tweaked, right? Like every week we kind of go, oh, that this worked well, or, eh, this didn’t, I wanna try it again differently. And dude,

Brian: I it’s funny cuz I’ll be scrolling through TikTok and I’m like, oh. You know, and it’s funny because I see you promoting, you know, your company.

I see you promoting feed drops, [00:17:00] then I’m cruising through. I’m like, I think I saw this video. I looked down it’s a pod chaser to, and there’s lens.

Lynz: Yeah. I mean, I think that enlightened self-interest is tagging people and giving other people a chance to shine, looking for ways to let somebody else shine from your thing.

And they’re gonna go, oh my God, me really? and people love that feeling. They love being recognized. Well, you’re crushing

Brian: it, buddy. You keep it up. So. What else? How do you want to close your highlighting this show?

Lynz: Well, again, it’s called killing time with arch. And, um, if you like learning about talkers and, uh, getting to know arch, he’s got a pretty big following on TikTok and a pretty swell guy having met him in person.

Um, I would just, you know, check out his, um, his show killing time and then follow him his, his. Handle on TikTok is gem city, duds priest. And, uh, it cracks me up. So, [00:18:00] uh, check those things out. And of course you can always follow us for more of what we do, you know, here, our future episodes, um, and hang out with us on TikTok.

I think that’s, this episode definitely says, come play

Brian: with us, you know, in, in addition to come playing with us, if there’s a podcast, you listen to. Let them know, let that podcaster know, Hey, you should submit your show to feed drops. And we might just cover a show that you love as a listener of feed drops.

It’s an easy submission form. Feed drops.com. We look at them every week and you know, we pick a few shows that we’re gonna highlight throughout the next couple of weeks. So visit us there, hit us up on IG, Twitter, TikTok. We would love to interact with you more across these platforms.

Lynz: Yep. DMS in any area and we would love to chat.

Have a great week. Y’all see you next week. Resolve[00:19:00]

Brian: Is there something else you’re supposed to record?

Lynz: We had been doing the post things. Did you, do you think those were worth doing or, uh, I, I

Brian: can just keep doing what I’m doing if you’re fine with that.

Lynz: What, or are we talking about what about the, the, like, we sort of the really short YouTube version, but we haven’t been deploying them the like the recap

Brian: video. Why don’t we work that back into the process next week? How’s that sound? Yeah. Okay. I’m gonna push stop and see what we get.


Killing Time with Arch – https://anchor.fm/killingtimewitharch
Just go Watch – https://anchor.fm/hatchaplan

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