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Just the Drops: Keeping it Real with Dr. Anita

Keeping it Real with Dr. Anita is a podcast providing a dynamic learning environment that provides a safe place for learning and for you to raise your awareness. Dr. Anita is here to help you experience life-changing perspectives and transformative change.

This show is produced at Sitch Radio and was Brian’s pick for the week.

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[00:00:00] Brian: Thank you for listening to this episode feed drops.

Today we have for you, Keeping it Real with Dr. Anita.

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[00:00:18] Dr. Anita: Hello and welcome to spring, which officially arrived about two weeks. We often think of the season as an opportunity for new beginnings and discovering the old, saying that April showers bring may flowers eludes to the fact that in, during a temporary unpleasant day loss of water is necessary to provide the environment for new growth.

Did it ever occur to you that spring showers are not limited to the outside? Sometimes we benefit from a season of reflection that results in some much needed cleansing tears. And once that temporary unpleasant they lose of emotional soaking has passed. Our souls have been refreshed and are ready to plant seeds for new personnel.

Some of us were raised with the expectation to roll up our sleeves and engage in spring, cleaning around the house to clear away things that no longer service in the home to identify and make room for what is functional whole and nurses, our everyday atmosphere. Similarly, some of us take the time to conduct a personal inventory, to clean up stinking, thinking about ourselves that is necessary to help identify and make room for what no longer serves us as individuals.

This form of spring cleaning may lead to clarifying our values and reprioritizing what we think matters with what does. At the beginning of the year, I challenge all of us to reconsider the practice of declaring new year’s resolutions and to instead focus on our intentions. That means different things to different people.

And I’d love to hear how that paradigm shift is working for you. For me, leaning into 2022 with intention has led to really thinking about what I’m thinking about, which is known as metacognitive. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about the purpose of my work through the medium of my keeping it real with Dr.

Nita podcast. This is truly a labor of love for me as the writer of my monologues that sets the table for each month’s discussions as the point of contact, reaching out to my guests and as the executive producer of the weekly. That said I’ve decided to step back and offer insights into who I am and what I believe my mission is in terms of furthering the dialogue about diversity inclusion and specifically belonging during the months of April and may, I’m going to release a series of brief broadcast called keeping it real with Dr.

Nita behind the. The goal is to succinctly answer a key question each week. That explains the who, what, how, when and why that drives me and my work. And each brief broadcast will end with a call to action for you that is designed to feed your leadership soul. I’d love it. If you would share what comes up for you based on my brief broadcast in a LinkedIn.

Like traditional spring cleaning, getting clear about purpose may sound simple until we get started and realize we’ve underestimated jets, how much stuff needs to be dealt with in the end, that can be as fulfilling as spring cleaning that clears away the clutter and leaves us with what really matters.

After the process. We are empowered with a glow of clarity that gives off the warm feeling of sunshine that beams through bright, shiny glass and illuminates the whole. Clarity of purpose illuminates, your whole being and the process of becoming even a little clearer about any facet of your life is an activity that feeds your leadership.

I hope that the revelations I share behind the mic will prompt you to think about what you’re thinking about in terms of intention, clarity, and purpose. Let’s undertake this process of metacognition together as a way to feed our collective leadership soul that will hopefully bring us one step closer to a sense of belonging as a community until next time.

This is Dr. Anita reminding you to stay blessed and keep it.

[00:04:21] Brian: That was keeping it real with Dr. Anita. Thanks again for listening to feed drops. If you’d like to submit your podcast, please visit feed drops.com and you’ll see a link in the main menu. Submit your podcast until tomorrow.