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Feed Drops (Official Trailer)

Feed Drops is a weekly podcast featuring curated episodes of podcasts we like and you may want to check out.
Hosted by Lynz Floren of Growth Network Podcasts and Brian Colburn of Sitch Radio.

We still see so many people asking for podcast recommendations on various social media platforms, we decided to help.

Lynz & I will each choose an episode a week from shows we find and discuss what we liked and learned while listening. Each Monday we will drop an episode playing pieces of each show and discussing them along the way.

You, are invited to comment on Monday’s post with which episode you liked the best and we are going to drop the full episode on Wednesday and the other on Thursday.

We hope you join us for this game of Feed Drops and discover some great content along the way.

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Brian: Hey Linz. Tell me a story.

Lynz: Well, when I was growing up my brother and not. Would sit around our rooms when we got in trouble and couldn’t play outside and we would play with our cassette tape recorder and we would make up little radio shows and we would have Collin sections where we would have callers complain about how unfair our mom was that she wouldn’t let us play in the pool.

Anyway, this guy grew up and stayed obsessed with it. Yeah. Long after that I’ve been making podcasts now since about 2017, uh, made some for the LA county bar association. When I worked there, I made one here in Los Angeles called LA maker’s podcast. And that’s where I learned that if you do everything yourself, You will burn out.

And so sort of hit the wall with that one and realized I needed to put a company together. I needed a team. And so, um, the past few years I’ve been putting together growth network podcasts to create podcasts for businesses and, um, also to create original content. That’s uh, that’s my story. What’s your story?

Brian: Well, you know, like you, I seriously got into this medium in 2017 issue as well. The first show I actually helped produce was in 2008 for a Masonic lodge, but then time went by and I didn’t really touch podcasting. It was a huge consumer and a buddy came to me that needed help with recording some interviews that.

Re-invigorated that love of podcasting and creating content and now Sitch Radio and the team here. We have 17 active shows. We have a few more coming online next month. I feel so fortunate to have. In the booth and learn from so many talented people about their passions and their niches and just help them create a story to share with the world.

That’s my joy. Yeah. That’s powerful.

So Lynn’s, what’s exciting to you about this show feedback. What

Lynz: I really like about the feed drops concept is that it gives me a chance to listen to more podcasts with a reason. It gives me a chance to work on a show with Brian and get to collaborate in that way. And it gives us a chance to help people connect with podcasts.

They might not have found before. And all those things really light me up. What about you, Brian?

Brian: Like you finding a new show to listen to is difficult because in my case, I think. Apple podcasts. And at the top of the feeds at the top of the searches are the shows they want to show me not necessarily the show.

I may enjoy and I’ve listened to what they want me to listen to, but I love to scroll down in the search and find shows that aren’t top of search results. And I don’t know, it’s something about the indie creator that I appreciate, The effort, mainly because I know what it takes to create a show, not, not saying anything bad about a lot of the large networks, they produce awesome content.

And I do consume that. However, if I want to learn something, I tend to go more towards the indie producer than the, than the network produced show.

Lynz: I think there’s something about the indie podcaster. That’s a little closer to meet often to the material that there’s something really personal going on, and I’m going to find a person, even if it’s an educational piece of content, there’s some personal connection to it.

And it seems like it’s deeper and it has, it resonates more with me.

Brian: I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. I don’t know. It’s just something I want to hear from. People and not the company. Does that make sense?

Lynz: Yeah. And the shows I often like that are made by the big companies started as a solo creator or a small group of creators who then got support from a bigger company.

But the ethos was always started with the story. It started with the people

Brian: 100% agree with that and the opportunity to create with you. I can honestly say this is the first time. I’m doing a show with somebody that’s in this space, in the trenches everyday. Like I am. And I’m super excited about the shows you’re going to bring to my attention because I’m guessing they’re not shows I would normally find,

Lynz: I think this is a fun project because while we get along great, we come from very different backgrounds and our lives and our careers and our personal everything really is going to feed them.

Different shows, which we then get to feed to each other. We get to drop those feeds into each other’s ears, and then we get to talk about it and we get to hear how those shows and that content interacts with a different person’s brain. And that’s going

Brian: to be fun. It’s going to be a good time. And this is going to be a weekly show where Lindsay and I are going to expose you to two shows.

You might not have heard.

Lynz: Each week we’re going to discuss two shows. And then later in the week, those shows will be dropped in their entirety onto our feeds. The first episode we’ll be introducing and talking about the shows and their themes and everything. And then as the week progresses, you can listen to the full episode.

And follow

Brian: up from there. You, the listener are going to play a role in which episode gets dropped in its entirety on Wednesday. And which episode gets dropped on Thursday.

Lynz: It’s going to be from your listens, your downloads and your comments when you come and comment on the webpage. And it’s basically essentially kind of an upvote for that show.

 And because there are two shows each week, the one that gets the most. Is the one that’s going to come out first. So if you are excited about one of those shows, we talk about, be sure to go and comment, so that, that will be the next one you hear in your feed.

Brian: And then whichever show is dropped on Wednesday.

We’re going to invite that host onto the show for a bonus episode, to discuss that episode, their show, other episodes they’ve worked on to allow you to get to know this creator at a deeper level.