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Feed Drops NFT Project Explained

We explain the Feed Drops NFT Project. Listen in and hear how this continues to support podcasters and the creative community.

We explain the Feed Drops NFT Project. Listen in and hear how this continues to support podcasters and the creative community.

With Lynz away this week at Podcast Movement 2022 in Dallas Tx & Brian holding the fort down at Sitch Radio, we wanted to take this week and discuss Feed Drops and the NFT Project. Listen in and hear how this continues to support podcasters and the creative community.


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One two.

Brian: Hey Lynz. What are you listening to?

Lynz: I am listening to a lot of podcasts. I would say, how about you, Brian? You

Brian: know, I’ve actually dove back into some older shows. I used to listen to finished an audio book today, as a matter of fact I’m scrolling through, I’ve got about six audio books. I have not listened.

In my library and I’m trying to figure out what I should listen to next, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Lynz: Nope. Today we are here to talk about something new and different for us and for podcasters.

Brian: Lynn brought the concept of feed drops to me. And I’m grateful for that. And immediately jumped on board.

And I think from first talk about two weeks later, we were recording. Our first episode, had our website built out. It moved pretty quick, which was very cool. We just released episode 10. If I’m not mistaken. Yeah. We have 11 and 12 recorded. When you return back to Cali, we’ll be recording episode 13, which is exciting. Yeah.

Lynz: To come back up. We’ve worked through our backlog. We need to,

Brian: We have build up some more patted it and took a little break. Rightfully, so Lynn is traveling, working on an awesome project and both of us in our own projects and running businesses. And it’s been a lot of late nights.

My wife goes to bed without me and I sit up and work on feed drops. It’s, I’m treating this as a passion project, a side hustle and trying not to consume too much work time with it. Not every day that happens because I’m so excited about the project and just wanna work so

Lynz: well. Yeah. And as soon as we got this chance to kinda learn about how we could build some community and dip into our toes in the NFT world, it it added another lane to the project.

And we it’s oh no, I guess we, I care more about it now. I wanna spend more time on it. And I.

Brian: It really did. Now lane, he’s talking about, first of all, let’s back up. If you’re new to feed drops, people submit their podcasts to feed [email protected] I dump a list on occasion via Excel and I put it in a shared drive and I don’t always get to it.

For example, the list I uploaded last night lens. I haven’t even looked at yet.

Lynz: A lot of great names.

Brian: Good man. You’re gonna pick all the great ones. No, I’m sure they’re all great. But we each pick an episode to I, I don’t like to use the word review to discuss weekly. So we find an episode that we like and, or resonates with us and we pull some snippets or clips from it and we play the clips and take a break.

And we, we talk about. It and not necessarily audio quality and all of that, but the content, the story, the meat of the podcast.

Lynz: And I get, why that’s I get that? Why you say it’s not like a review because we’re not we’re there. We’re not picking it apart. We’re speaking about the things that inspired us or made us think or something like.

Brian: Yeah. In the episode that comes to mind was world goth day 2022. I’m actually shopping for some black fingernail Polish, cuz I just need to, grab a hold and grab my inner goth and let it shine. That, that was a really cool episode for me to listen to and learn from.

So I enjoyed it. But carrying on that tradition. Us picking and wanting to grow a podcast community. We were presented with an opportunity to join a residency program in the NFT world with the podcast and. I’m always one to I don’t wanna say be an early adopter, but to heavily explore new tech when it comes out and I dove into this and we had a meeting relatively quickly, we were accepted relatively quickly and it is now time to drop our very first NFT lens.

What’s been your backstory, your experience with crypto and the blockchain and NFT.

Lynz: well, I grew up in Silicon valley. I went to high school in Palo Alto. And so being around computers and being around that stuff and being around of the early parts of things, isn’t new to me, and I I of stick my ear to the ground every once in a while.

And I check out what things are and I had clocked what were. To me, they’re like glorified game tokens in my head, the way I first understood them. And but through TikTok, mostly, I think I’ve learned a bit more about how it works and then hearing when I heard Gary V talk about how.

Concert tickets could eventually be NFTs that they have that you could resell them. And it would allow the artists to collect a little bit of money from the residuals. From that I began to see how this could really step in and be a kind of way of using computers, to sort things we used to use other agreements for, or other paper stuff for.

And the exact tech is elusive to me. And I don’t really understand all the different apps. Why are there so many apps you have to use just to move one thing to another, with a coin and a wallet and a token. It’s a lot, but I feel like it’s becoming more understandable and each generation of technology it’s it takes away one of the manual processes and makes it automatic.

And I’m optimistic that we’re near a place where, I bet Facebook will have NFTs in no time, and once that happens, then everybody can have them. And so it’s coming and it may not look like collectible art, the way that everyone’s been talking about it, it’s gonna be more functional.

And as a, as such, I think this program is pretty exciting, cuz it feels like a functional use of this digital thing to help build C.

Brian: Yeah. And before we get into this thing I’m not as smart as lens. I hear about technology. I’ll read about technology and I’m like, okay, I think I have a grasp, but I’m the type of person I’m a more tactile learner.

I have to dive in and experience everyth to really have an understanding that I’m comfortable sharing now. Before we go any further. Lynn and I are not financial advisors. We’re not cryptocurrency gurus. We are going down a road together hoping to save each other from falling off the edge. And. We’re doing it with good intents to grow community and give back.

And I think that will hopefully, bias some good faith from the crypto gods, if you will. yeah. If there are such a thing,

Lynz: I have the first, if the crypto gods exist, they are also virtual, so we’re good. So

Brian: we’re good. So I had to dive in and I bought an NFT. I went, okay, cool.

It’s in my wallet and it wasn’t a functional NFT. It was, I now have this cool piece of digital art that I could resell if, and when it ever, Gains value if you will. And then I heard about another NFT project, which were readable NFTs, and I went, what? So I dove into crypto kiddies and I bought a male.

I bought a female, I bred them and they had a crypto kitty, and now I have three crypto kiddies. I’m. Okay. I can see the gamification of this, where people are trying to breed for specific trades and not my jam, but I learned more about this world. And then let’s fast forward, back to uncut.fm. We were accepted into their residencies in podcasting program.

And. We have created the art for our first NFT. And before we go any further, I really wanna talk about the benefits. We wanna functional NFT. We want community, and we want to utilize this platform and the NFTs we create to grow that community and build that community. So the first NFT that we drop is the founding member NFT.

And with it comes some specific benefits that most NFTs won’t have. For example, you get two votes per election and will dive into that private community access. Of course, that community mostly will live on discord. In addition to. Branching out from discord and into the podcast itself as this progresses early notification to future drops discounted merchant courses, Lynn and I are working on some courses as well as a podcast.

And of course our eternal gratitude and things, but I see this developing into more as the tech becomes a little easier and. More use cases are tested and tried with NFT communities.

Lynz: Yeah. And what’s really exciting is that what we have the community we have is podcasters who are wanting to be featured on the show or have been featured on the show.

And. Those podcasters are also podcast listeners. I know it’s this crazy thing where we use our ears and our mouths, right? It’s so every podcaster is also a podcast listener and we know the show. We want podcast listeners to hear it and discover things, but the community is around podcasters because those are the people we’re supporting and featuring and building something around.

And so while any listener could come and support our founding member, NFT. And we would actually really love that. Please do. But the real benefit is for a podcaster who not only gets to show their support, be involved, but also is in the pipeline for courses and support groups and things where podcasters get to share with each other in here.

And If you pick up one of the founding member tokens, you have a little skin in the game. And then you’ve got a group of other podcasters who also have skin in the game. And look, we need support. This is a very isolating job. And so to now have a group of people that are your support system and your community through this weird wacky NFT world.

It’s a fun turn of events. I wouldn’t have guessed. This is how that would come about, but it’s really exciting.

Brian: I can’t wait till I can jump on the discord group and say, I need an economist to be a guest. Does anybody have an economist in their pipeline? And economists are getting thrown at me because.

Podcasting, you build a Rolodex of some pretty knowledgeable influential people. And I know I’ve dipped into that Rolodex on several occasions to try to bring a guest onto a different show that is beneficial to both parties. And that alone, I think would be pretty cool, but Hey, I’m having trouble with this mic or.

I’m experiencing trouble with this board. Has anybody else? Oh yeah. It’s a recall issue. Contact the manufacturer just to have a knowledgeable again, skin in the game. Group of passionate people about podcasting, I think is phenomenal.

Lynz: Yeah, and I think we’ve we’ve finally found a name, every community needs some kind of a name.

And so with feed drops we were just referring to the people we’d picked the shows that we’ve been selecting and talking about as is the drops. And it’s oh yeah, we should get those drop stirs involved. And all of a sudden, there we are. That’s the name? So the drop star community we’re dropping NFTs.

We’re dropping podcast episodes and we’re doing it all together.

Brian: We’re dropping science son. Yeah. We’re dropping some crypto.

Lynz: Some newbie crypto

Brian: magic here. Yeah. So back to the two votes per election Lindsay and I both being passionate about this industry and wanting to give back. We’ve decided like we pick episodes to cover weekly.

We can pick two charities, one each to support. We’ve set it up to where we can change quarterly if we choose to, or we can stick with the same charity quarter after quarter that. Will be left up to us. What we have done is set up a separate wallet and in the back end of the NFT, there’s a smart contract.

So every time somebody purchases an NFT. 50% of that money is gonna go to this third party wallet. It’s actually 60 half of that, not half of this 60, but 50% of what’s brought in is going to be put in a community pool for. The give back portion of this project and, supporting two nonprofits in the creative space, I think is valuable to this space long term.

And us seeing immediate results from it is probably not going to happen. But down the line, I look forward to the day to where somebody that’s been helped. By the support drops has given this charity, those people are gonna be identified and brought back and, I think that’ll be a cool full circle.

So the two votes, every quarterly and I are gonna do a live video broadcast, a video th if you will Talking about and allowing members to vote on what percentage of the funds go to which charity. And it’s not gonna be a zero to a hundred percent vote. We want both charities to at least get something.

So that member can say 20, 80, 30, 70, 50, 50. But that way, at least. a charity will get 20% of the pot . Which I think is cool. Now I mentioned 60% going to this pot. 10% of that is just going to be a coffer. If the show, the NFT project needs help with something, there’s some funds there to alleviate some of the stress from Lynn and I having.

Producing shows, getting shows out, keeping the NFT community going on, discord, creating new NFTs, just a buffer. And in all reality, I see portions of that 10% actually, probably going back to the community in some form or fashion anyway. We’re really excited about this project and the community aspect to it.

Again, we’re not doing it to get rich, we’re doing it to generate funds from podcasters to support podcasting on a whole and really want these designated charities to thrive.

Lynz: Yeah. The next thing I sort of wanna point to on there is the early notifications of future drops because, just dropping one coin, 60% of one coin, even isn’t allowed to give away, we’re gonna be creating more coins more of these NFT drops. This is the founding member NFT. We’ll also be doing them for specific episodes that we’ve already done with the specific other podcasts. And that will be a chance to, for those podcasters to get into the community themselves, but also for us to help recognize them and build their visibility in the way too.

So there will be tokens NFTs for. All the different people who have participated. And that will allow you as a listener, as an, in, as a community member to pick up the ones you like, if you want help show support for different episodes in that way. There are lots of different ways will be able to do that, but signing up to be a founding member, make sure that you’re on the first list to hear about the new stuff and,

Brian: And those two

Lynz: votes, the double vote is the early access. Those are really great reasons to jump in right now. Look, there will be plenty of ways to participate, but this is the only way that will get you two votes per election. And

Brian: the only way and look, we’re not minting 10,000 of each token. We’re minting limited runs and that’s.

Again, we’re not doing this too, pad our wallets. We’re doing this to build community and we, if we’re dropping 10 NFTs and two of them are spoken for out of the gate to the show that they represent, there’s just a few left, to get into this community in which we’re building. So not, we’re not trying to create scarcity, but we really want.

People that care about the industry, as much as we do, in the community. And again, not dropping 10,000 NFT token runs, I think is a way to do that. And not that there’s anything bad about that. It’s just, that we’re choosing to keep it small family-like

Lynz: It’s do you wanna go and see.

Your favorite band at the staples center at the biggest place you can possibly see them, or do you wanna see them at the little tiny club where you’re right up close? I wanna

Brian: go to the

Lynz: Roxy. Yeah, we’re gonna do the close-up place where you can feel, you can almost as you can touch them. That’s the atmosphere we’re creating with ourselves too.

We don’t wanna create a big room where no one knows each other. This is connected. And it’s about that connection.

Brian: As soon as we can develop packs, we want to do the pack route as well to where you’ll purchase a pack of NFTs. You’ll have no idea what’s in them until you open them. If you choose that. However, we have some special NFTs that are going to afford special benefits that are gonna be sprinkled in these packs as well.

For those of you who don’t know how NFTs work it’s computer generated. It’s randomized. We won’t even know what packs the cool cards are in. And, back to collecting sports cards, I collected hockey cards for a long while, and wanting that one card and buying 10 packs and not getting it was, frustrating.

However, I’d buy 10 more packs. Not that we’re trying to incite people to buy pack after pack, but unopened packs may provide scarcity to that one unrealized card in somebody’s pack as well. And some of the benefits that we’re talking about are you can be a third cohost for an episode, and you can choose a podcast from the list of shows submitted and we’ll drop three episodes that week.

I think that would be fun.

Lynz: Yeah. And it really the world’s our oyster and, there may be community suggestions for some benefits we don’t even, we haven’t even thought of, and maybe, somebody gets to host the show without us one time where we’re, what a vacation.

I think we’d still have to produce it, but they would have to, they would get all the glory. So anyway, there are lots of different ways. This could go every time. Brian and I talk, we come up with new ones and we’re really excited to have that same experience with you. Once you’re in the community, where we get to share all these fun ideas together.

Brian: And we really wanna provide access and utility to the back end of these cards. They’re not wearables, you’re not gonna be able to, add it to your armor in whatever game is being played nowadays. However, but it’s all about community and a community that gives back to the industry. We feel important.

Yeah. So that’s what we’re doing. And. Super excited. The first man we are, how many days away

Lynz: it’s coming up, in less than two weeks. We’re counting down and

Brian: let me just hit home. Yeah, there’s actually a counter on feed drops.com. Now 12 days, 13 hours, 47 minutes, and 30 seconds. Awesome. Do.

Lynz: We’re excited to have you all, thanks for hanging out and learning about this.

We’ll definitely have more news. Make sure that you’re following everywhere to make sure that you find out about the good

Brian: stuff. Yeah. And thanks to uncut for putting this program together to promote podcasting and growing a podcast community. And the cool thing is we will have the means to communicate.

With those in the community are listeners, which you rarely have as a podcaster is everybody is well aware. That’s listening to this. So we’re excited about that aspect as well.

Lynz: Yeah. And if you’re a podcaster and you have a community and you think, wait, I want to use these NFTs to. Build a community, please reach out to us and we’ll tell you how to get involved.

Check out uncut.fm. You can certainly submit to join. And but reach out to us, we might have some insights on how to get picked.

Brian: And I now know a lot of ways not to make an NFT.

Lynz: Yeah. We’ve clicked a lot of buttons that are not make the NFT.

Brian: it’s been a fun learning lesson though. Hey, every.

Thanks for joining us for this video explainer of what’s to come. We appreciate you all. Be sure to check out feed drops.com hit us up on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter. Those are our most active platforms and yeah, hopefully we’ll see you over in a discord community very soon. See you.


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