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Feed Drops “Founding Member” NFT Release


Feed Drops Launches a web3 NFT Podcast Community
An interactive podcast community with benefits that matter 

Irvine, CA: Sitch Radio and Growth Network Podcasts announced the Feed Drops “Dropsters” NFT community’s “Founding Member” token. Dropsters is an NFT-accessed community utilizing the Uncut.fm platform, in conjunction with Discord, to offer an exciting way to interact with listeners while giving back to the creative industry during a quarterly “Live” videocast.

“With a shared love for podcasting and creatives, Lynz and I are pleased to announce that we are donating 50% of the generated revenue of this project to selected not-for-profits each quarter,” says Brian Colburn, CEO/Founder at Sitch Radio.

Second Chance Studios is Brian’s selected charity, and I am proud to choose “Get Lit – Words Ignite.” says Lynz Floren, General Manager and Executive Producer of Growth Network Podcasts, “both of these organizations make a big difference in the lives of the people they reach, and that’s the type of work we both believe in.”

In addition to community membership, those who hold specific NFTs will have the benefit to participate in a quarterly vote. These votes determine what percentage of donated funds go to which charity. Based on the tallied votes, each charity will receive a donation corresponding with the community input.

The next ten NFTs are ready for the minting and will be released between now and the end of September. 

Features and benefits for those holding an NFT (promotional NFTs may be limited) may include.

  • A Vote per Election
  • Private Community Access
  • Early Notifications to Future Drops
  • Discounted merch & courses when released
  • Future NFTs will have additional benefits
    • Guest Host
    • Access to selected Podcast Conferences
    • More to come

With the rarity of “Epic” (only 22 will be minted), the Founding Member NFT will be available on the 1st of August 2022, at .025 ETH. Purchases can also be made via credit card with USD. For more information on Dropsters, visit feed-drops.uncut.fm.

Sitch Radio was formed in 2017 with a simple mission, “We are here to help you tell your story”
Web – https://sitchradio.com 

Growth Network Podcasts was formed in 2020 to help impactful organizations leverage podcasts to connect with their audiences and make a difference in the world.
Web – https://www.growthnetworkpodcasts.com/