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Drunken Fashion Nugget at the Heathman Hotel

A drinking celebration with cake and some spooky haunts in a nostalgic hotel in the Pacific Northwest is on the slate for today.

A drinking celebration with cake and some spooky haunts in a nostalgic hotel in the Pacific Northwest is on the slate for today.

A drinking celebration with cake and some spooky haunts in a nostalgic hotel in the Pacific Northwest is on the slate for today.

Feature episode 30, Heathman Hotel Haunt, of the PNW (Pacific Northwest), Haunts & Homicides Podcast. Hosted by Caitlyn & Cassie, In this episode, they discuss the Haunts inside this Portland Oregon Hotel.

Make sure you’re stocked up on your favorite beverage for this episode of Album ReBrews. It’s their episode 36 featuring a beer pairing along with a track-by-track review of the 90’s album Fashion Nugget, but the eclectic Sacramento band, Cake. Be warned, Lynz laughed so hard his cheeks hurt at one point, so make sure you time your sips wisely.


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by Descript

Hey, Lynz. What are you listening to? Brian, You share yours, and all share mine with millions of podcasts. How do you choose? We are here to help you find that next binge-able podcast or that piece of content you’ll follow regularly. You’re listening to feed drops.

All right, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of feed drops. I am Brian and I am Lynn and we are. Here is from CI radio in Irvine, California. I come to you from growth network podcasts, and we bring our two studios together every week to promote other people’s podcasts. Because podcasters promoting other people’s shows is kind of far and few in between in my [00:01:00] experience, there’s certainly there, you know, we had this thought at some point, there should be more of that.

And instead of sort of casting everybody else To do so, we thought, well, let’s do it ourselves. And lens. I need to give credit where credit is due because this was your concept. And I’m so grateful that you brought it to me and you entrusted me with, helping on this project. Of all two people, you and I both know, not only what it takes to create a podcast episode, but multiple podcast episodes in a week.

Yeah, no it’s a treat Brian to work with you on this and to be able to, fine-tune it. I think we both know. Look, we’re perfectionists. We wanna do the best work we can. And we saw all the ways it could have been better at every previous stage and even now. And so to be able to kind of dial it in with a positive mindset and it can do attitude with you is a joy cause not everyone’s got that kind of vibe.

Yeah. [00:02:00] I thrive with the challenge. If people present to me, Hey, can we do this? Can’t say yes immediately. I will figure it out. So I can say yes, because yes is a really cool word. Yeah. And you just there’s a mystery in not knowing what will unfold with a yes. That is true. You know, a long time ago, CI radio was going to be audio-only.

I was like grounded I’m audio only, and people wanted video. I add a camera and it’s just blown up and I’m so glad I did, because of being able to connect with people via video on platforms like Bullhorn, thank you for Bullhorn, having us here and YouTube and Facebook and Instagram and TikTok TikTok, you know, it’s just, it’s cool to have these multiple outlets for the content that we create and we’re extremely passionate.

Yeah, no. And you could spend your whole life just on those platforms, promoting the thing, and then forget to come back and make the [00:03:00] content in the first place. That’s right. It’s, there’s so much to, to do. And it’s really, yeah, it’s a rich space. Well, Lynn, we’re gonna do your show first.

So what did you bring to the table today? I brought a show called album brew and it features a pair of hosts who pick. They have a guest every time and they pick a beer to drink. So the audience can join along and drink at home while they talk about an old album. An album picks a music album of somebody’s choosing.

And this one, they picked the album fashion nugget by the band cake, which really takes me back to those high school days. It’s fun to kind of ride the nostalgia train on that one. So, I’m looking forward to bringing you the album. Very cool. What about you, Brian? I have P w haunts and homicides podcast, which.

Is a true [00:04:00] crime slash spooky, scary haunting story from the Pacific Northwest. That’s what the P BMW is. And it’s hosted by Caitlin and Cassie who you can tell, have fun doing what they’re doing. So it’s kind of hard to get scared listening to it because they’re just having so much fun doing it. That was the unique thing that put me over the edge to wanna really dive into their show a little more.

So that’s what I have, and we are gonna dive into Lindsay’s choice right after this quick break. All right, everyone. Welcome back to feed drops. We’re gonna dig right in here with my show, my pick for the week album Rere and. Host Sarah and Zach do a really great job of creating fun. The atmosphere in their show.

In this episode, they have Tim Krause who is a musician himself. [00:05:00] And they, you know, so they pair a beer with albums. They had Tim pick a beer and they picked a beer of their own, they put it in the show note so that you could, if you wanted to pick those beers to listen as well, you could at home.

I thought that was a fun treat. But. You know, getting into the reason I picked the show is cuz I know the album, not super well, but it’s of all the picks they had, it was an album I was familiar with. and I think for anyone in my age group, I’m in my early forties you know, some of the songs off of this album for sure.

I’m in my early forties, too. I see that. I see that you listening at home may not see how early forties Brian looks, but certainly, well, certainly early forties. But anyway, I just wanted to give you a sense with this first clip here of that, sort of how they talk about the music and how they talk about this album.

With clip number, Udo. And after going through the first half, I ended up going to Dr. Google and being like, what, [00:06:00] like the genre is this album supposed to be? That’s a question, you know? Um, and that is something for people who have not to like fully digested this album or other cake albums. Like they have so much fun.

References and music styles are woven into something that ends up being really quintessentially. I’m super excited to talk about those music references. Yeah. They’re just he in this album fantastically. Yeah. Okay. Now I wanna jump in here because I might know songs, but I don’t know who sang it or the band name.

So I’m eager to see if I’m even familiar with the songs because the band cake does not ring. All right. So the two songs you would recognize from this album, one is called going the distance and he’s going the distance.

That one is probably the most famous and then they do a cover of, I will survive. [00:07:00] And that is the Gloria gainer. Disco hit. I will survive. Mm-hmm, and it’s like, it’s funky and weird in all the nineties ways. I would say I really kind of dug it and the rest of the album is a mishmash of sort of like country and horns.

And it doesn’t I think their point there is, that it doesn’t stay. Those two songs are not indicative of what the rest of the songs might. They go down some real rabbit holes. So if you like music that doesn’t stay the same very often. This is the kind of album cool for you. Very cool. and we can actually, I just said sort of what the second clip is.

So we don’t have to say, but basically that those two radio singles are not representative of that. So I’m gonna jump straight to clip number three. Are you? Oh, right. Let’s hear it. Let’s hear clip number two. Let’s live on the edge. I would definitely say that if you’re kind of foot in the door for cake, is [00:08:00] their radio singles?

I don’t think that’s very representative of them as a band mm-hmm no, and I think that’s purposeful. I think that their radio singles are kind of like, they’re more sarcastic and more ironic because they’re like kind of putting a double middle finger to the industry. I’m glad we kept it. That’s good.

Yeah. I am as well. Yeah. Yeah. Keep I love anyone who kind of puts a double middle finger up to the industry. I think that’s good, that’s what musicians sort of should, should be doing a little bit you know, not all of ’em obviously the ones who are making BKU box, can’t be doing that, but those on the fringe can do it all day long, all day.

So yeah, I forget what this is. One is about I’m sure I’ll set it up well after we hear it, I’m just trying to rethink back. I’m pushing 38 here. Yeah. I’m trying to think back to what I thought of this song when I was 14, you know? Yeah, yeah. I was probably just like, oh man. That’s cool. That’s really deep, man.

didn’t know. Yeah. I hadn’t [00:09:00] seen the music video until this weekend, so I had no idea what it was about. Have you ever, Brian? Have you ever had a song where you thought it was about one thing and you, oh, this is good, and then later you find out it was about something else entirely? Most definitely. I want to close this section out here with one. Last quote and I’ll ask you a question afterward.

An easy karaoke song. The cake radio singles are excellent picks because he just kind of talks in the key in the key of E that’s. OK. It’s a good kinda first step into the world of karaoke and you know, the words cause like this is a great song hero radio thousand times, but you don’t have to really sing it.

Yeah. As, uh, so Brian, what’s your karaoke go-to song, you know? Oh, I, I don’t even know the name of it. You got a little change in your pocket going, do you know that one? I [00:10:00] don’t, yeah. I’ll have to Google it. Cause I honestly don’t know it’s in every Corkey as the one gentleman footage. That was funny.

Yeah. Book ever, and, but. I’m not much of a guy that likes to put myself out there. I know you’ve always seemed so shy to me. It’s shy. Well, I can’t sing either so well that’s yeah. It’s brutal. I, uh, Johnny Cash is my go-to, I put a hat out on the stage. People will put money in it, so I stop early.

Yeah. By. I’ll shut up. Awesome. Well, that has been the album Bruce, and I think there were a couple of times. I honestly, and I tweeted it out the minute it happened, I like laughed so hard. My cheeks hurt and I, you know, I like to laugh, but I, that didn’t, that doesn’t happen often. That podcast will make me just sort of laugh long enough for my cheeks to hurt.

So to me, that is. High stamp of approval. And so you should definitely tune in to the, just the feet, just the feeds, just the [00:11:00] drops on this week so that you can get the full episode and laugh as I did. That’s a good pull. I definitely want to hear this entire episode. So I look forward to, would I would say listen to the record first and then going listen to the episode.

I think that would be a fun way to consume it. That’s it? That’s a very good poll. I might do that. Then I can talk in a key of E and along with them, mm-hmm, that’ll be good. You can go the distance. I love the fact that this show’s pulling a beer into the show. That’s a really cool idea. I think it’d be really fun to have them on an episode and pull a beer for their show and say Hey, we’re.

We’re over here, drinking something west coast with you. Cause they’re somewhere Midwest, there’s a beer and it has a Spanish name, but it’s actually brewed in the Philippines. And occasionally you can find it on the [00:12:00] American shelves, but not the same as what you can get in the Philippines or overseas.

And it’s called Sandy, Miguel. And. For those of you who aren’t up on your history, the Spanish held, the Philippines for quite some time. There’s a lot of Spanish influence there. The funny thing about San Miguel, you might get a bottle out of a six-pack and it’s like, 0.5%, then your next bottle’s six, you know, so it’s, it’s just a crapshoot of what you’re gonna get.

Now, having been in the military, I have Navy buddies who married, you know, Filipino, national, and they’re now, you know, Americanized, but when they go back to visit her family, they’ll bring back some San Miguel and we usually have a barbecue and it’s just. What an experience! That was nice. I, I don’t know why I felt compelled to tell a beer story.

Hey, you know what? Now we have a beer to go in our episode, San [00:13:00] Miguel, San Miguel, San Miguel. Yeah. Well, we’re gonna be right back with P w haunts and homicides podcast, right after this short.

Lynn. Do you like getting scared? A little bit. Are you much of a true crime kinda guy? I, you know, I like the intrigue and the suspense. I don’t like a jump scare per se, but I like to be led down, a windy road of the plot. Goodness. Well, this show focuses on. Haunts and homicides in the Pacific Northwest, which I thought was interesting.

And then reviewing it to choose a show for this episode. They. Giggle through it. They have some fun, they do the whole TA card reading up, upfront in the episodes. And you know, for those that are into it, kind of fun, to listen along with them. [00:14:00] But this episode focused on the Heathman hotel.

Now I am not familiar with the Pacific Northwest well enough to know the Heathman hotel, but I guess if you live in Portland, it’s like a staple. The really cool thing that they did is they really set the scene for when the hotel was built by whom and how the sun took it over after the father had passed and all the cool things that went through that hotel at one time, it had the largest coffee shop in it in Portland.

There was another business that was in it. Oh, it was a, uh, radio station. Used to be housed inside of this hotel. When TV came out, they shut the radio station down and built a TV studio, the same channel. So there’s lots of cool history like that. And I did cool history like that when it’s tied to places that I’m visiting.

So they set the show up really well before they got into the haunt. So I like that [00:15:00] historical aspect. And then really taking the time to set the scene lens. Have you. Dabbled around Portland at all. I’ve only been once. Well, I passed through it to go to a concert at the Gorge in Washington. So I passed through on the way up and the way back, but just the one time didn’t hang out just overnight, both times though I stayed there.

Yeah. I’ll have to tell you a story about a hotel in San Diego that we always stay at, but this story makes me always want to stay at the Heathman when, and if I’m ever in Portland, It’s kind of cool. So we’re gonna kick off with clip number one in room 7 0 3, a woman had her towels thrown on the ground and thought as the staff had done it.

And they gave her new towels and they just ended up back on the floor. Um, why would the staff do that? I know, right? Like why would the staff throw towels? I get why you would look for any other logical explanation by, yeah. And the second time, like she [00:16:00] hadn’t left the room. So this happened while she was in the room.

Obviously, she knew no one had been in there, but her, no, thank you. , you know, they kinda hooked you up front and you’re like, yeah, whatever towels on the ground, but then. It happened a second time. a second time. It’s like a little eyebrow razor there. Yeah, no, I have to admit my first assumption is that she’s making it all up.

Right. You know, and you kind of wonder that with haunting stories, it’s like, okay, what? There’s got to be a logic. I think our brain wants there to be a logical explanation because we have to know, The unknown scares us. So, that was clip number one that I chose for you. And they talk about the oh three rooms quite a bit because there was a woman, I think it was 7 0 3 that took her life [00:17:00] growing out the window.

So all the oh three rooms will hear screams is been reported. So they. Do you wanna stay in an oh three-room or do you not wanna stay in an oh three-room? Oh, wow. All right. Here’s clip number two. Another room with a ton of activity is room 5 0 3 and the housekeepers 5 0 3, 5 0 5 0 3, 5 0 3. Um, the housekeepers frequently seem like a big or flying around the room and one of them managed to get the pleasure of it and they hung it in the break room.

No. Yeah. I need a picture. I know like I wanna go there and be like, let me in your break room. just sneak in. It’s fine. We could like try to get hired there. We could be like an insider. How interesting could you imagine that in the room? Yeah. I mean, that’s some deep cover. If they want to go in there to investigate, you’d like, oh, we’re gonna go work at that hotel in order to.[00:18:00]

To see a picture, hang on. Now, by both of us have worked in the hospitality industry. Yeah. Hotel or whatnot, and the pictures in the back of the house, hanging on the wall. Were there ever any orbs? At your property? No, but sometimes they would point out something more often than not. They’re like pictures of people that aren’t allowed on the premises, you know, or something like that.

You know, all the people that were trespassed. Yeah. Nope. Didn’t see. Anything like that. I worked, I did work at a hotel that was purportedly haunted. And the Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles has a long history of seeming haunted. And I worked there for two years, six days a week for two years straight.

And I’ve been in every. The cranny of that building and it is freaky and weird, not did ever experience anything paranormal. I, you know, all the paranormal stuff I saw could be explained away as [00:19:00] electrical or like plumbing, noise, you know, phenomenon. I mean, there’s just like these giant types of water going through the wall, that.

There’s just like all these noises from machines that are trying to, cool. A 13-story building and right. I just assume it’s all machinery, but other people interpret anything that goes wrong as haunted. Anything they can’t.

Number three of P and w haunts and homicides podcast. Apparently, Jennifer Aniston stayed there too and was terrified. Um, they didn’t say what her experience was only that she was terrified. what, I wanna know what room she stayed in. Yeah. Didn’t say what room she stayed in. Yeah. Um, I’m assuming like one of the.

Yeah. I mean, I would think one of, yeah, whatever the best [00:20:00] room in the house is. Can I get the Jennifer Aniston suite, please? I know. Do you think if we called and we were like, Hey, we wanna stay in the Jennifer Aniston suite? do you think they would be like, okay? Yeah. How much the fuck are you talking about?

I wanna stay in the Stephen King suite. Now they did have clips and apparently Stephen King frequent. And that’s his hotel of choice when he’s in the area. That’s cool. Which is, yeah, that is kinda cool. And you know, him having written so much in this genre of the podcast is kind of a cool connection, but that was P and w Hanson’s homicides podcast.

What do you think, Lynn? that, there’s only one, you know, that there’s a hotel like this. That they have a podcast implies that there are a lot of buildings that have these phenomena going on. And it does seem like the Pacific Northwest is a place where that might be the [00:21:00] case. It is also the place that brought the Twilight vampires and wears wolves stories and all that kind of stuff.

There’s like, there’s just some supernatural shit in the Pacific Northwest. And I’m glad these ladies are telling the stories, and they’re, again, they’re doing it in a fun way, to where. You know, most people can enjoy the show. So I was happy to bring this to the table. Nice. I’m glad you did, because it was on our spreadsheet, it stuck out at me a couple of times and I didn’t really pick it, but then you.

You know it, I wonder how often that happens, where I’m like, uh, I gotta make a choice between these two. Let me go with this one. We pick opposite mm-hmm, which is kind of a win-win cuz I get to hear what you were thinking about picking and you get to hear what you almost picked. This brings us to the portion of the show where we tell you to submit your show.

If you’ve got a podcast or a podcast, you like submit the show [00:22:00] and let us know why we should feature it and all that. And you do that on feed drops.com and you click the submit button at the top and go on the website there. So please do submit your show. Now, granted, we can’t really do every take every submission that comes in, but it’s really nice to get a wide variety of shows.

We’re really not trying to stay in a specific genre because it’s all about expanding what we listen to and what we share with other people. So please submit your shows. And if your genre or your style of the podcast hasn’t been represented here, then it’s even more important to submit your show for us. And whether you’re the podcaster or a fan of the podcast, feel free to.

Just let us know if you are not the podcaster so we can ensure due diligence is done. We do reach out to podcasters and let them know, Hey, we picked your show and try to engage with them long prior to the recording. But yeah, let us know S it’s been. That’s been kind of [00:23:00] a fun thing is to open up the spreadsheet and see what’s there and listen to, you know, bits of episodes here and there then listen to an entire episode or two before you make a decision.

And it’s been fun for me. And it’s getting me out of my educational business bubble of shows that I normally listen to. Yeah, same, same, same. And it’s been a lot of fun too. The fun part then is seeing those shows on social media when we’re on social media later. And so seeing the people who submitted the shows through our website and then following them on TikTok or following them on Instagram and seeing what they’re posting and interacting, it’s like, oh, this is, we’re just, we’re actually meeting each other.

I know it’s not in person, but right. We act like we’re genuinely connecting and My favorite, we’ve never really discussed criteria, and maybe that’s an after-show thing. There are things once I decide. Yeah, [00:24:00] I like this show. It’s on my shortlist. There are other things I do before I make a decision.

So that’ll be an interesting conversation in the, I tell you what party that is for the after show here. So, if you want to hear about that kind of discussion, sort of the inside baseball of the inside feed drops then definitely tune into what we’re doing on Bullhorn. Bullhorn FM, where we do a pre-show in an after-show so that you can kinda, you know, go deeper with us drop in.

Might you have for today? know, Know, I think, you know what I have today, uh, I have nothing else. You know, I’ve got some of that for the listeners as well. So we wanna thank you all for tuning into this episode of feed drops again. I’m Brian. That is Lynn’s Flo. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. And, uh, you know, [00:25:00] we hope you enjoy this show and if you know of anybody looking for a podcast to listen, to tune them into ours, because we might be able to feature something that they might just like. If you learned about a new show that you’re now subscribed and, or following, let them know you heard about them from feed drops, that’s greatly appreciated.

We have been engaging with all the shows we featured on social media as put out, and it’s kind of cool to watch this circle grow. Yeah, it’s been a real treat and we really thank you for tuning in and we hope that we see you next time. Hear you next time. We, we hope you hear us next time on feed drop. All right, everybody.