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Welcome Dropsters

Welcome to the Feed Drops NFT information page where you can learn why and how you can become a “Dropster”.

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We take “Feed Drops” to the next level

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We are working hard to promote podcast creators and are launching an NFT project highlighting featured shows on the Feed Drops podcast.
A percentage of proceeds going to industry-related charities. Read More…

If you are ready to join, no reason to read on.

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Want to learn a bit more?

The Origin Story

Early Days

They Meet
Lynz and Brian meet at the Outlier Podcast Festival in 2018, and at the time neither of them knew what that brief but memerable conversation was leading to.
Lynz was working for and producing a podcast for the Los Angeles County Bar Association and Brian had just opened Sitch Radio a full service podcast production studio, a short drive down the Interstate 5 in Orange County.

Joining Forces
Brian and Lynz met in person for the second time in 2022 at Podcast Evolutions to discuss working together on a project. (This project is still in the planning phase, announcement date is TBD)
The event was benneficial as they both learned this plan needed to be put on hold while the developed a few assets.
Shortly after, Lynz approached Brian with the “Feed Drops” concept and they quickly brought it to life.

Feed Drops

The Concept
Bothe having a love for the podcasting industry, Lynz’s idea for Feed Drops was to create a show celebrating the creators.
The format; each host, Lynz and Brian chooses a show from a list of submitted podcasts to share. They identify clips of an episode to play, with discussion about the content.
Feed Drops published it’s first episode in April of 2022.

Web 3.0 & the Blockchain
Brian listened to an episode of Podland featuring Carlos Diaz of Uncut.fm. Seeing the value, Brian quickly applied to the “Podcasters-in-Residence” program, submitting Feed Drops.
Sharing this exciting news with Lynz, the next day they found themselves on a zoom call with 2 representatives.


Now that they are in the residency program, they went to work, outling and developing the neccesary content, art and plan to create this community. Wanting to suppot the Podcast Industry that they both love, built in a give back model so by simply joing the community, members, aka “Dropsters” are particiating in supporting non-profit organizations in the industry,

The Mission
Our mission is simple: to help good podcasts get discovered. We believe the best approach is to not only promote 2 shows per week on Feed Drops, but also to provide community and support for podcasters’ pursuit of a larger and more engaged audience.

One of the many benefits of holding an NFT minted by Feed Drops is that you’ll have a voice in many community decisions, some unrealized at this point. For example, each quarter, just as they each choose a show to highlight on the show, Brian and Lynz will select a charity, cause or special project that relates back to the industry somehow. Each community member will have a chance to learn about the two causes and vote on what percentage of treasury funds are given to each charity.

The Charities

Dropsters Support

Second Chance Studios is a nonprofit digital media company that trains and employs formerly incarcerated individuals.

Brian’s choice of charity this year is Second Chance Studios. No matter your opinion on the U.S. Justice system, helping others who need a hand up is a noble cause and we are proud to select Second Chance Studios

GET LIT – WORDS IGNITE is a Los Angeles-based education nonprofit started by author and educator Diane Luby Lane, to increase literacy, empower youth, and energize communities through poetry and visual media.

Lynz’s choice, again helping others in the creative space and we are proud to select GET LIT.

Join us by becoming a Dropster and help support these two great Charities

Dropsters Roadmap

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