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After A Brief Hiatus

What started off as a podcast has already grown into so much more, we are taking a short break. A little time to reflect, plan, and prioritize

What started off as a podcast has already grown into so much more, we are taking a short break. A little time to reflect, plan, and prioritize

Wow! what an awesome wild ride this has been to this point. What started off as a podcast has already grown into so much more, we are taking a short break. A little time to reflect, plan, and prioritize all the things we want to do with this show, “Feed Drops” and its sister feed, “Just the Drops”.

We will be back, how can we not? Lynz and I are having fun and learning a lot, not only about other podcasters but the great content they are producing.

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Brian: [00:00:00] One two.

Hey Lynn, what are you listening to?

Lynz: I am listening to a whole lot of podcasts. Brian, how about you?

Brian: Man, you know, I found a few new I’ve added to the playlist this week and, um, excited to talk about them in the future after I give them a few

Lynz: episodes. Yeah. You know, listening to new shows you, if you’re doing a lot of them, you sort of, they, they wash together.

If you don’t dig in for a couple episodes at a time, that’s just something I’ve noticed.

Brian: They really do. Right now I’m playing catch up on shows that I, I religiously listen to, I’m a little behind, I’m listening to a show. Hopefully I’ll finish it today. That dropped Friday.

But you know

Lynz: how it goes sometimes? Yeah, no, it takes some time. I think, podcast listening, isn’t a static thing. People do it kind of ebbs and flows with their life. Right.

Brian: Is that the way it’s [00:01:00] supposed to work?

Lynz: I think it’s the way people work. Like people have, uh, stuff comes up, you know what I’m saying?

Brian: You know, I, yeah, I, I get that, but I like start my morning off with pod news. That’s that’s my first show. I listen to every day and then I, um, Listen to whatever I need to catch up on while I’m commuting to work and from work.

Um, sometimes if I have like busy work, cleaning up, organizing files, things of that nature, I’ll listen to a show while like doing that. But you know, in this world, We can’t consume audio while we’re trying to edit something or why we’re recording something. So I don’t get a lot of listening time during my work day.

Lynz: I find I have to be extremely organized if I know what I’m going to be listening to when I’m ready to listen, which is a part of podcast is like, oh, I’m about to drive. What’s the easiest thing to hit. Listen on. And sometimes it’s the radio. You know, but if I’ve done my [00:02:00] homework and I have my podcast queued up, I’m actually really excited to hit, go on a podcast instead.

But when you’re busy, like I’ve been lately, you don’t do all that ho listening homework, and it’s there other mediums aren’t like that, you know,

Brian: You know, it’s Saturday and Sunday, when I’m with my wife driving, we listen to the radio every once in a while, if it’s just been a long, hard week, I wanna just rock out of my way home come Friday night.

And you know, I’ll throw on some old school and just decompress. My decompression starts when I start the Jeep, you know, mm-hmm, .

Definitely. Well today’s show is unlike any show, the two of us have done and, and we’re here to let you know, we’re gonna take a little break. We have an expectation of what we want to put out and we need to circle the wagon so we can deliver the best that we have to offer. Number one, perfect timing, because Lynn’s, uh, live in that laptop lifestyle right now.[00:03:00]

Lynz: exactly. We wanna put out the best show possible and like all the podcasters that we work with and that we’ve met through doing the show, know that sometimes you have to start a thing before you know how you’re gonna have to course correct. And so a part of it is we want to do a little course correction so that we start put out episodes that are.

Sort of the next level of valuable, interesting, um, you know, retool the episode, more importantly, retool our communication. So people know when the episodes are coming out and what to expect there. And, we could just not publish something for a few weeks and come back with all that stuff. But here we are setting an intention and saying, Hey listeners, we are coming back with, a little bit more structure, a little bit more planning for your enjoyment, because it will make the episodes more fun to listen to.

And it’ll be easier to follow along with what we’re doing,

Brian: you know? And, and I wanna share it wasn’t for a lack of planning upfront. It was just. An explosion of [00:04:00] ideas and us saying yes now to probably a few more things than we should have, but not trying to make excuses real life, you know, happens. And you know, a short break is gonna help us reset retool and, um, just.

Come out of the gate with a rocking show. So,

Lynz: yeah, I think that’s definitely true that we are at this inflection point, not because we didn’t get the feedback from the world that it was doing well. In fact, we got so much feedback from people that we. had trouble choosing where to go and said yes to a lot of things, like you said, so this is our way of saying, okay, we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna do something with purpose and planning so that it’s really fun to show up and hang out with us.

And, you know what you’re gonna get

Brian: and it’s. Safe to assume there are more things on our, in the future list than there are on our todo list. It’s

Lynz: it’s, that’s the we’re making too is yeah. Doesn’t default jump on our todo list by default jumps on the eventual list and then has [00:05:00] to earn its merit earn its way forward or

Brian: that’s for sure.

And Lynn has some high expectations.

Lynz: Well, you know, I think, um, Neither of us got into this business to, make stuff that was just okay. You know, I think we both wanna make really good things. And so, there’s a certain amount of acceptable dissatisfaction, you know, it’s like, oh, I have to be annoyed with this in order to make it better.

And you, we all want it to be better.

Brian: Amen that we do in the meantime, hit us up on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram. We’re still gonna be active on social while we reset and retool and, uh, Lynn safe travels to you. I look forward to you being back in studio here in a few weeks and, uh, safe

Lynz: travels. Thank you so much.

Uh, thanks for holding down the Fort and, uh, we’ll look forward to reconnecting with everybody in a few weeks.

Brian: Until next time.

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